Vape Forest Inc Launches Itself, Offers Comprehensive Vaporizer Reviews and Top 10 Vaporizers List


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Vape Forest, a company dedicated in reviewing the latest vaporizers, has recently launched its website The company informed that their objective is to offer comprehensive vaporizer reviews which are written by multiple authors such that analysis of the vaporizers is done through every angle. Vape Forest also provides a Top 10 Vaporizers list based on the ratings of its authors and users of the product.

The media spokesperson of Vape Forest quoted on their website launch, “We are pleased to announce that we have launched our website which will offer reviews of latest vaporizers in the market. Through extensive research we have found that many reviewers on the internet do not provide comprehensive analysis and often review the product in a single-perspective manner. At we have multiple authors who review the products. This offers multi-angle viewpoints of each and every vaporizer, hence making it easier for prospects to purchase a vaporizer of their liking. The website is designed such that our visitors can easily navigate through the different reviews and clearly identify the features of the product. We are also encouraging the users of the product to rate the vaporizers and offer their comments on its use.”

Vape Forest has divided its vaporizer reviews into three main categories i.e. Bag Vaporizers, Portable Vaporizers and Whip Vaporizers. Each review comprises of brief introduction of the product, a video demonstrating the vaporizer, an in-depth analysis of every feature and a concluding paragraph which explains for whom and under what conditions the vaporizer is most suitable. Many visitors of the site have commended the fact that Vape Forest covers everything in their reviews and usually acts as a one stop destination for making decisions when buying a vaporizer.

The media spokesperson further quoted on the Top 10 vaporizers list, “Based on the features of the vaporizers, authors of Vape Forest rate the products out of 5 stars and further the users give personal ratings as well. The vaporizers are then ranked according to the two ratings and a Top 10 list is presented. This Top 10 list is updated if there are any new vaporizers that outperform the previous products. The use of two ratings offers a more complete analysis of the vaporizer and is much appreciated by our visitors who are deciding on which product to buy.”

About Vape Forest Inc
Vape Forest Inc is one of the leading companies in providing reviews on various vaporizers. Through their online platform,, the company publishes its reviews and rates these vaporizers according to their features. Vape Forest Inc is known for its Top 10 Vaporizers list and for its comprehensive reviews which cover all aspects of the product.

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