Vape Forest Reviews the Latest Vapir Rise and Pinnacle Vaporizers, Updates Its Top 10 List


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing comprehensive reviews of latest vaporizers, has recently published a full review of Vapir Rise and Pinnacle vaporizers. Vapir Rise is considered as the first ‘hookah’ vaporizer and Pinnacle is another vaping product launched by the reputed vaporizer creator VaporBLUNT.

Vapir Rise is a product which offers a completely new dimension of social vaping. Titled as the first ‘Hookah’ type vaporizer by, Vapir Rise has the ability to be used by 4 different people simultaneously like a Hookah with multiple ‘whips’. However, creators of Vapir Rise also made sure that their product was very flexible according to consumer requirements and hence included the balloon feature also, which was made popular by the reputed Volcano Vaporizer.

The review finds that Vapir Rise is one of the rare vaporizers that has nearly every feature and has stated that the product ‘does it all’. The review further outlines that the multi-functionality of the vaporizer – used for waxes, oils and dry blends, digital temperature control and 8 fan speeds with LCD display, whips or bag option and the very first - usage by up to 4 users simultaneously makes the Vapir Rise one of a kind product and Vape Forest has even included it in its prestigious Top 10 Vaporizers of all time list. Click here to view the full review of Vapir Rise vaporizer.

The VaporBLUNT Pinnacle vaporizer is a more traditional product which is portable and easy to carry around. With a one-button setup process, the Pinnacle when switched on, first heats up to the chosen temperature setting and then is all ready to be used. All settings and notifications of the vaporizer are displayed through different LED colors which may not seem as effective as having a LCD screen however still has proven to be popularly accepted in portable vaporizers.

The review on finds that Pinnacle’s main aspect is its ‘true portability’. With a length of 5.5 inches and a rigid exterior body the Pinnacle can indeed easily fit in a pocket. Another key feature of Pinnacle according to the review is its long battery life, with up to 60 minutes of continuous usage. VaporBLUNT is known for its portable vaporizers in the past and its latest Pinnacle product follows the same criteria with improved features. To read this complete Pinnacle review visit

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