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Vapor Couture Receives High Rankings from VaporCigarette.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- Vaporcigarette.com, a very well known and user friendly electronic cigarette brand review website has rated Vapor Couture as the best thing that has happened to electronic cigarettes in years. Vapor Couture was launched by V2Cigs, America’s most popular electronic cigarette brand, in July. This brand was created with a single aim of giving exclusive smoking alternative to women from all over the world. Because of its women oriented design, women from all over the globe are giving it great feedback.

The electronic cigarette market is choke full of different manufacturers providing variety of different electronic cigarettes and flavors. But when it comes to the style, look and feel of the electronic cigarette itself, Vapor Couture has carved itself a name in the industry since its launch. It’s the only e-cig brand that is targeted towards female smokers and which is why it has gained a huge fan following of women in such a short period of time.

The talented review panelists at Vaporcigartte.com, followed by the owner of website, Tatiana Rodriguez have rated the brand very high and recommend it to all female smokers. The cigarette itself has received positive feedback from women all over the world who have adapted to electronic cigarettes. ‘over the past few months, we have received more feedback for Vapor Couture compared to any other brand we have ever reviewed on the website, hence we have highly rated the brand and recommend it to every female smoker out there’, said Tatiana Rodriguez, the owner of Vaporcigarette.com.

The success of Vapor Couture is quite easy to see when you hear positive feedback from every other woman who has used it. More and more female smokers who have already adapted electronic cigarettes, are now moving to Vapor Couture because of its exclusive design and style for women smoking enthusiasts. One look over other several electronic cigarette brand review website also shows positive signs for the brand with it appearing in the top ten electronic cigarette brands of all time. ‘Vapor Couture is here to change the electronic cigarette brand market with some of the best looking battery designs we have ever come across. With myself being a woman and regular electronic cigarette brand user, I highly recommend it to all other female smokers who haven’t tried it out yet’, added Tatiana Rodriguez.

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VaporCigarette.com has earned itself a reputation with electronic cigarette users due to their highly accurate and unbiased reviews for several electronic cigarette brands. The website also occasionally gives discount coupons to its regular readers. The website also lists the top ten cigarette brands of all time which serves as a great piece of information for those who are yet to experience what an electronic cigarette is like. The review team is led by Tatiana Rodriguez who successfully moved away from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. She has since then been trying out all the brands in the market and guiding others who wish to quit smoking tobacco filled cigarettes.

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