VaporFi (formerly Vapor Zone)

VaporZone Introduces: VaporFi - Same Product, New Brand Name

VaporZone® has announced that they will be changing their brand name from VaporZone® to VaporFi (TM).


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Top electronic cigarette and personal vaporizer brand, VaporZone® has announced effective Tuesday morning (7/29/2014) that they will be changing their brand name from VaporZone® to VaporFi.

From inception, one of Vapor Zone’s main objectives was to develop a brand that communicates the uniqueness of the customer experience as well as the premium, and high-quality positioning of the products. In order to evolve as a clear leader in the ever-changing vapor industry, VaporZone knew they had to make this bold move. Therefore, one of the main objectives in their name change strategy was to select a name that would convey an evolution in order to better fit and represent the brand’s full potential and ultimately make it stand out from the rest.

“Choosing the right name can be an art but we are committed to being unique and bold in everything that we do, which we firmly believe will set us up for future growth. VaporFi is a memorable and unique name that better encompasses both our existing value proposition as well as our commitment to innovation. Due to the high brand awareness that we have developed for VaporZone it was important that the name change be rather evolutionary than revolutionary. Hence, we kept most of the distinctive brand assets such as the descriptive word “vapor” as well as the modern font, colors and tag line,” said VP of Marketing at VaporFi, Ditmar Berberich.

Fidelity is defined as: (1) adherence to fact or detail; accuracy; exactness (2) The degree to which an electronic device accurately reproduces its effect*.

About VaporFi
VaporFi” delivers on the expectations of the vaper with a high level of "fidelity". This e-cigarette and custom blend company prides itself in providing the smoker product that is as close as it gets to the real thing, without many of the drawbacks of the real thing. To the vaper, they deliver on an experience that can be fully controlled and personalized.

“From offering a full line of e-cigarettes, vaporizers and over 30,000 possible flavored e-liquid combinations, we will never be just the ordinary vape shop. We are confident that our unique experience and our story is better told by a name that embodies us fully, VaporFi - the genuine, hi-fidelity way to experience vaping! Rest assured that we will continue to innovate and offer our customers the latest technology in vaporizers and e-liquids while providing an exceptional customer experience. We are very excited about this new opportunity and are confident that this new name will set us up for the growth of a successful brand,” said Nick Molina, CEO of VaporFi.

Over the next couple of weeks the company will be transitioning from VaporZone® to VaporFi(TM), which will include transitioning the website to as well as updating all product and store branding. While the brand name is changing, the company confirmed that product remains unchanged with the same quality one can expect from this top-rated electronic cigarette company.