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Vascular PRN Offers Limb Savers Arterial Compression Systems


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Vascular PRN, a leading national distributor of pneumatic compression therapy equipment, now carries arterial compression systems.

The systems, used on limbs in danger of requiring amputation, have earned the nickname “the limb savers” for their ability to help restore circulation to the extremities, thus facilitating wound healing and treating and preventing a range of ailments.

Cycles of rapid high-pressure inflation followed by deflation achieve asymmetrical sequential compression of the lower extremities, intermittently evacuating venous blood and allowing replacement with oxygen-rich arterial blood. Additionally, compression induces a dilation of blood vessels as a result of shear stress within the vein.

Arterial compression systems are used to prevent and treat ischemia, peripheral arterial disease, diabetic foot ulcers and intermittent claudication. They also may be used in cases of angioplasty/stent failure and graft failure.

Vascular PRN offers the ArterioFlow Model 7500 by Devon Medical Products, the ArterialFlow System by Aircast, and the Bio Arterial Plus by Bio Compression Systems. Each is portable, suitable for in-home use, and user-friendly for enhanced patient compliance.

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