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Laguna Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2015 -- Choosing to reverse one's vasectomy is often the result of much difficult deliberation. Both before and after making the decision, it is important for patients to know not just what their procedure will entail, but also that they possess a thorough understanding of the process. With Vasectomy Reversal USA, a division of the Orange County Urology Associates, Dr. Aaron Spitz provides patients seeking treatment for male infertility in Los Angeles with comprehensive care designed to ensure a full understanding of their health throughout their consultation, procedure and aftercare.

While vasectomy reversals are not always successful, choosing some of the top-rated urologists in the state to perform these delicate procedures is the best step a patient can take towards an excellent outcome. Dr. Spitz, a graduate of Cornell University Medical College and well-known figure within the Urologist community, due to his many publications and appearances on nationally syndicated television shows, performs both vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy, and is highly skilled at performing microsurgical vasectomy reversals. Patients have also long turned to Dr. Spitz for help salvaging failed, previous attempts at vasectomy reversal.

At Vasectomy Reversal USA, patients can also benefit from cutting-edge, minimally invasive vasectomy procedures, along with other male fertility treatments, such as male hormone replacement, treatment of low testosterone, and treatments for erectile dysfunction. Regardless of the service for which patients are seeking consultation with experts in male fertility, Dr. Spitz and the other staff at Vasectomy Reversal USA offer thorough, empathetic care with the aim of making patients feel comfortable while keeping them fully informed about their health and options.

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Led by Dr. Aaron Spitz, with offices in both Laguna Hills and Irvine, California, Vasectomy Reversal USA helps men from all over the United States by providing the most effective microsurgical vasectomy reversal procedures. The success rates are among the highest in the country due to ongoing refinements of the most advanced microsurgical techniques as well as comprehensive male fertility care. Vasectomy Reversal USA provides personalized service, renowned clinical expertise, and a caring team that has helped many men overcome infertility and other urologic conditions, allowing men to confidently achieve their goals of fatherhood again.

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