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Vaultwise Disaster Recovery Services Provider Updates Online Backup Software


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2012 -- Vaultwise recently announced that they are updating their online backup software to a newer version that offers a higher performance and the lowest dedicated pricing in the industry. Vaultwise offers complete disaster recovery solutions flexible enough for any client.

Today, data is the life’s blood of businesses and corporations. With a comprehensive suite of services, Vaultwise ensures that the data of corporate and business clients is secure and prepared for disaster via their online backup software services. Supporting clients across a wide variety of businesses, Vaultwise has developed a strong network of online server backup services for numerous industries and is constantly working to improve its server backup services. “We can accommodate anything from individual file restores to sector-level server restores,” said a Vaultwise specialist. “With our recent updates to our online backup software, we have been able to further increase the performance capability while still maintaining the industry’s lowest dedicated pricing.”

Vaultwise offers corporate-level online server backup as well as solid state backup services. Their Corporate Backup is a cost effective service that can be customized through a variety of options and requires no new hardware purchases. Users define the backup schedule and Vaultwise automatically does the rest. All leading operating systems that can execute Java2 Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or above are supported and the server backup services help to meet the major governmental privacy regulations.

The Vaultwise Solid State Backup allows clients to restore servers directly from a disk-based backup. Unlike traditional backup services, there is no need to first partition the drive and install the operating system. Sector-based backups increase speed and reduce overhead and can usually be performed at any time, even on busy servers in just minutes via incremental backups.

The disaster recovery solutions provider charges a flat monthly fee based on storage requirements with no hidden costs for data restoration or bandwidth usage. Clients can get a quote within 24 hours by filling out their short online form. Vaultwise sits on robust Utropicmedia hardware with data centers located in Michigan, Texas, China, Germany, Australia and Czech Republic. “With the advent of our new software updates, we can continue to provide the highest level of customer service, reliable performance and military-grade security in our server backup services,” said the Vaultwise specialist. For more information, please visit http://www.vaultwise.com/

About Vaultwise
Using strict policies and standards Vaultwise has become a leader in the online backup industry. Supporting clients across a wide variety of businesses Vaultwise has developed a strong network of services for numerous industry verticals. With high rankings with Dun & Bradstreet, customers can be confident their data is secured by professionals with years of industry experience.