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VB Law Group Warns Drivers to Adjust Their Driving for the Change in Seasons

VB Law Group is warning drivers to check their cars and make adjustments to their driving as they predict a fall spike in road traffic accidents based on previous years.


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- Fall is a season of rapid change, and that change can catch people unaware. Falling temperatures, increased rainfall, and of course the increase of leaves and detritus on the roads leaves cars vulnerable to malfunction and drivers more prone to error. The VB Law Firm is a group of personal injury lawyers who specializes in representing victims of car accidents, crashes and other vehicular incidents. They are currently gearing up for a spike in cases based on their previous years in the business, as fall catches people unaware at the wheel. They have just passed on practical, common sense advice for keeping safe.

Amid their top tips, VB Injury Lawyers has recommended individuals check their oil and brake fluid, and get their cars serviced where possible to ensure they are operating at peak capacity, as the sudden change in atmospherics can cause minor problems to escalate rapidly. Equally, they recommend extra caution when driving near fallen leaves, which when wet can create a surface equal to ice for lack of traction, making emergency maneuvers impossible.

The firm is sharing this information because they are staunch believers that prevention is always better than compensation, though they are still renowned for pursuing compensation to the fullest extent on behalf of their clients, who face the realities of the very accidents they are trying to prevent.

A spokesperson for VB Law Group explained, "There is a misperception in popular culture that compensation is some kind of reward. That couldn't be further from the truth. Victims of accidents through no fault of their own are left with a legacy of medical bills, complications, rehabilitation, lost earnings, even lost careers as a result of these incidents, including family devastation. As such, we do everything we can to help prevent these accidents. Only after they occur do we fight aggressively to ensure justice is served for those who were injured by those who failed to heed the warnings."

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