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VDA Group Offers Micromaster Building Automation, a Smart Room Management Solution


Watford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2019 -- A well renowned name in the industry, VDA Group offers a smart room management solution called Micromaster Building Automation. Designed especially for hospitality industry, the system is equipped with an internal memory which allows it to retain the room configuration even without connection with the central server. The system supports a variety of user access control using the TAG RFID outdoor reader and BLE Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

To make customers fully comfortable, Micromaster allows them to manage air conditioning systems, change the temperature settings and use energy efficient mode as well. The building automation can be integrated with various systems of a building including PMS, DOOR LOCK, BMS, KIOSK and others.

VDA Group is one of the most sought after names in the industry for offering one of a kind technical solutions in Interactive Television, Building Automation, and Room Management. Their team has gained a massive customer base all across the UK for their unrivalled commitment to quality and competitive prices. In addition to Micromaster building automation, VDA Group also offers BMS Building Automation, Vitrum Sense, Vitrum Classic, ONAIR Mobile, Power TV, Vitrum Smart Switches, etc.

Talking about Micromaster building automation, a representative from VDA Group stated, "Micromaster is a smart room management system specifically developed for hospitality, but also adaptable to other kinds of buildings. The primary goal is energy saving, together with an easy and efficient management of the whole system, without disturbing the guest's comfort within the bedrooms and common areas."

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VDA Group is a leading international company providing technical solutions in Interactive Television, Building Automation, and Room Management. VDA Group also offers IPTV, Guest Wi-Fi, and Smart Touch Switches. Having captured a leading position in the sector, VDA Group offers a large product spectrum, with services and technology solutions that can work either together or independently. They also design and manufacture all of their own key components and software, providing international certifications as well as country-specific ones.

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