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Vegetables -US- August 2019: Incorporation of Vegetables in Processed Foods to Increase Competition


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2019 -- The United States vegetable market includes not just fresh vegetable products such as spinach, carrot, and potatoes, but also processed foods such as fresh-cut salads, canned or jarred vegetables, and frozen vegetables as well.

The sales of vegetables across the country continues to rise at a slow but steady rate, with growth being noticed particularly in the fresh and frozen vegetable segments. However, this growth in the vegetable market is partially offset by reduced sales and consumption of shelf-stable variants.

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Most consumers in the United States appear interested in including a greater amount of vegetables to their diets, which can be largely attributed to increasing health consciousness across the country. On the other hand, other categories of processed foods are incorporating vegetables in their formulations. This trend is expected to boost competition throughout the United States vegetable market.

These insights come from a research report titled "VEGETABLES - US - AUGUST 2019" That has been added to the massive research repository of Market Research Hub (MRH).

Farming of vegetables through sustainable methods is expected to be a challenge, with a focus on maintaining high yields. Further, the rapid growth of population in the country is also expected to create an issue to maintain an adequate supply.

While the domestic production of fresh vegetable products has slumped by a substantial margin, products incorporating processed vegetables have been rising steadily. Major leading crops produced in the country include lettuce, potatoes, and tomatoes. These vegetables account for close to 70 per cent of the overall vegetable production in the United States. At present, the state of California is the leader in vegetable production for the entire country and accounts for approximately 60 per cent of the country's production overall.

Vegetables Market – US – August 2019: Report Overview

This report on vegetables provides the readers with an in-depth analysis of the landscape of the agriculture industry affecting the industry in the United States. Nutrition-based forecasting models include the entire analysis of the research publications in addition to primary interviews with market players as well as customer data.

The report also includes detailed interviews set up by leading market analysts with farming technology experts, industry leaders, and industry analysts to provide validations of the industry's production volume and relevant assumptions in the study.

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The vegetable report predicts the performance of the market progress in terms of volumes forecast by different categories including manufacturing and raw material costs, apart from factors such as the growth of the food and beverage market.

For each of these categories, market projections and business development strategies adopted by key market players for every strategy has also been added to the report.

Valuable insights which can be helpful for cultivators operating in the vegetable industry are given in the report. Assessment of pricing analysis, barriers to market entry, supply-demand dynamics, and market expansion strategies, makes the report a trustworthy source of data for business professionals who are operating in the United States vegetable market.