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Veggie Rhapsody: Melodic New Book Gets Kids Singing & Crunching Their Way Through Vegetables; Screaming, "I Want You in My Lunch"

As a Chemical Scientist, Ray Anthony James knows first-hand the vital link between vegetables, brain power and vitality. In his incredibly catchy new book, James empowers children to include vegetables in their lunch through a rhythmic story and positive subconscious reinforcement. Kids from coast to coast are humming the tune with gusto, and quickly realizing that vegetables are not the evil force they first appeared to be.


Montgomery Village, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Let’s face it, a plate of vegetables to a child can quickly become a catalyst to hung heads, whining and even tears. It’s an age-old struggle that no parent hasn’t endured, with millions frantically searching for a way to make vegetables ‘fun’. Ray Anthony James has the answer, through an incredibly entertaining and inspirational new book that doesn’t force kids to eat vegetables, but actually makes them want to.

‘Veggie Rhapsody: I want you in my lunch!’ uses a rhythmic story and whimsical characters to build vital subconscious links between a child’s mind and the importance of a healthy diet.

Veggie Rhapsody is a fun sing-along book with a crunch and munch refrain. You make up the tune and speed of the rhymes. Sing along with your kids! Clap your hands, bob your head and most of all have lots of fun CRUNCHING!

“I grew up in Jamaica where vegetables form the basis of our diets, and we’re an incredibly healthy race,” explains James, a career Chemist. “My wife and I are passionate about passing this healthy eating culture onto our children, but we became acutely aware that they require a lot of reinforcement about the importance of good nutritional choices. I decided to write a book that allowed them to explore and solidify these choices in a fun and melodic way that builds on the subconscious mind.”

Continuing, “Research has shown that positive messages in our subconscious minds will manifest themselves into action after a period of time. The kids we have introduced the book to are already humming the Veggie Rhapsody tune, so I think we’re onto a winner!”

Since its release, the book has also garnered a string of rave reviews. Publisher’s Weekly comments, "The crunch-and-munch refrain will get children humming this book, which creates a subliminal link to eating veggies."

Lisa Turner adds, “We have been reading this book every day for a week. It is surprising to see my 4.5 year old tasting and actually chewing on some veggies. Yeah! Go Veggie Rhapsody!”
James sees wide appeal and application for his work.

“The book will bring young and old together. Many school districts are looking for new healthy eating strategies and the book will make a perfect addition to the classroom or even lunch room itself (I can hear 250 kids singing together in my head!). For the parents that struggle at the table, the book offers a very natural and intuitive way to not only get their kids eating vegetables, but to bring the entire family together for a story. It’s powerful,” he adds.

‘Veggie Rhapsody: I want you in my lunch!’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1vV3Qfv

About Ray Anthony James
Ray Anthony James is not only a first time author, he also holds a graduate degree in Organic Chemistry. He has published many manuscripts in the science journals and is an inventor on many published patents. He was born in Jamaica and moved to the USA at age 16.