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Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Vehicle loop detectors require a high level of accuracy, reliability and longevity, and the entire range of products available from EMX Industries, Inc. provides all of that and more. EMX manufacturers a number of different vehicle loop detection systems which can be used in nearly any application, including for commercial and residential customers.

Vehicle loop detectors are used in various different ways. For the home, they can be used to help control a driveway gate, a garage door, or even a security checkpoint at one individual home or within a gated community or neighborhood.

Commercially, vehicle loop detection is used in many additional ways, such as parking garage operation to keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic, as well as control gates, and ticketing systems. They can also be utilized for everything from traffic light and camera systems, to drive-through restaurant functionality, and much more.

Each vehicle loop detector model from EMX Industries provides a specific solution to real world problems and environments. They are all built to the same exacting and industry-leading standards, however differ in terms of the amount of power they may require to operate, sensitivity levels, installation, outputs and other features or components, and so forth.

A few examples of the feature-rich and highly capable EMX vehicle loop detectors include:

The MVP D-TEK Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector, which may be utilized for easy management of stock, requiring only one detector in the stock room and on a truck. This reduces the cost of inventory by utilizing one loop detector with universal voltage. It offers loop diagnostics, enhanced lightning and surge immunity, fail safe and fail secure modes, and gold plated control contacts.

The LP D-TEK Low Power Vehicle Loop Detector requires only minimal power consumption, making it ideal for usage with solar applications. Its low current requirement also reduces the size of the solar panels which are needed, reducing total cost of ownership.

There are also several different models in the ULTRA D-TEK family from EMX. This includes the ULTRA D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector, which plug-in compatibility with Elite's OmniControl board operators. This model offers 10 sensitivity settings, four frequency settings, and a compact design which is easy to install, setup and operate, and is both energy and cost efficient.

The ULTRA II D-TEK provides the same functionality as the ULTRA-D-TEK for operator controls which require a dry contact relay input. Sensitivity selection is intuitive and simple with the ULTRAMETER, displaying optimum sensitivity settings for vehicles positioned in the loop.

The ULTRA V-2 D-TEK offers two outputs. It provides solid-state output indicating presence, and can utilize the second output for presence, loop fault, or pulse for entry and exit. It's the newest model in the EMX family of vehicle loop detection systems, and offers options for automatic sensitivity boost (ASB), delay, fail-safe/fail-secure, and both infinite and normal presence.

EMX also provides all of the necessary accessories and components to help complete a vehicle loop detection system or installation project. This includes mounting brackets and detector harnesses, loop adaptors and boards, and more. For instance, EMX manufactures the Surface Mounted Loop Pad SP-24 for usage with EMX D-TEK Loop Detectors, a two-foot by two-foot black polypropylene loop pad.

Additionally, the EMX Lite Preformed Loop, a 50-foot twisted and jacketed lead-in wire, is a ready to use loop for all EMX loop detection systems. It's made with rugged and flexible TPE (thermoplastic elastomer insulation jacketing) tubing and offers easy installation, electronic lightning protection, and also custom sizing and dimensions upon request.

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Or visit EMXInc.com, where prospective customers will find full feature information for every model of vehicle loop detector from EMX Inc., detailed product spec sheets, and even informative guides on topics such as loop installation, and loop size and characteristics.

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