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Vengel Consulting Honors 10-Year Anniversary of "Sprout!"

Motivational sales book is still selling and relevant


Danville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- The Vengel Consulting Group would like to congratulate their founder Allan Vengel and co-writer Greg Wright on the 10-year anniversary of the publication of their book Sprout!: Everything I Need to Know About Sales I Learned From My Garden.

In 2003 Vengel and Wright were two salesmen with successful careers who decided to pool their experience and wisdom in the field into a book that would be both practical and enjoyable to read. Sprout! uses the metaphor of gardening to help make complex ideas about salesmanship, business, and philosophy both engaging and easily understood. The book has gone on to sell thousands of copies and continues to be used as a teaching tool by The Vengel Consulting Group in their management training seminars, as its lessons still retain their relevance a decade later.

Allan Vengel has also written two other books, 20 Minutes to a Top Performer and The Influence Edge, and his consulting company The Vengel Group has become an international negotiation training and leadership development program. Vengel and his expert associates provide seminars, webinars, and private consultations on line, on site, and in-house, and they tailor all lessons to each individual client’s unique needs.

To read more about Sprout! and to see all of the other products and services offered by The Vengel Group, visit their website at They can also be found online on Facebook and LinkedIn, or reached by telephone at (925) 837-0148.

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The Vengel Group has been providing business solutions for over 20 years, developing a reputation as skill builders that can customize their programs to fit any given organization. Alan Vengel is a speaker, author, and business consultant with decades both in the business world and as a teacher of business people. The Vengel Group has worked with independent startups and Fortune 500 companies alike and has offices in the United States, India, China, and Australia to accommodate the needs of any client.