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Venturi Group Launches New International Website for Quality Italian Baby Products


Quarrata, Tuscany -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2012 -- Having a child is one of the most monumental occasions in a person’s life. Bringing new life into the world can be a spiritual and transcendent experience, but there are also important practical considerations. Chief among these is finding suitable clothing for the new baby to wear, and this task often brings considerable joy to new mothers and fathers.

One website making waves in the baby clothing arena is, the new English speaking, international online home of Italian baby clothing manufacturer Venturi Group. Venturi Group have long enjoyed an enviable reputation in Italy for their quality and service, and this new website is their expansion into an English language online space.

The baby products found on the Venturi Group website are separated into categories. There are a vast amount of products, not limited to clothing. There are also accessories, blankets, bags, and even baby toothpaste. The product range encompasses everything that a parent could need for a baby.

The website also contains a news section, giving details about the continual improvements and additions to the Venturi Group product portfolio. New products are released often, and the news section of the website goes into full detail about each one.

Each product entry is accompanied by a full colour, high-resolution photograph, as well as a product description, so that customers know exactly what they can expect to receive when they order.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Italy has long been known as the home of fashion, but you don’t see many babies on the catwalks in Milan! Many people in the English speaking world are unaware of the great reputation that companies in Italy, especially ourselves as the market leaders, enjoy as a result of our high quality baby wear. This new website is our expansion into the English speaking world. We want to put our high quality baby clothing into the hands of new mothers and fathers all over the world, and tell people the secret that people in Italy have known for decades: the attention to detail, refined styling and passion for natural fibers that you’ll find in Venturi Group baby stuff make it among the finest available anywhere in the world, all at a great value price that anyone can afford.

About Venturi Group is the new English language website of Venturi Group, Italy’s leading manufacturer of baby clothing and other baby products. The business was established in 1982 and over the last thirty years has enjoyed massive growth.

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