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Venus Factor: A Unique Fat Loss System for Women

The Venus Factor, a weight loss program designed by nutritionist John Barban, has launched to wide appreciation from fitness fans looking to burn fat.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2017 -- The Venus Factor system is a unique fat loss program for women that has been conceived and designed by John Barban, a reknown nutritionist and personal fitness enthusiast. It is meant to be an A-to-Z guide for ladies to lose weight.

With the Venus Factor, Barban expects to solve the problem facing millions of men and women - about which is the best diet plan for fat loss. Based on extensive research upon the relationship of food, exercise, hormones and weight, this program is projected to help women achieve the weight reduction they have always hoped for.

The creative approach to fat loss is rooted in Barban's research into leptin diets. This is woven into a natural solution to lose weight, which happens through the control and manipulation of the quantity of leptin produced in a woman's body regularly. This influences weight loss in a safe and steady fashion.

"Leptin is a major factor in weight gain and when it is triggered correctly through the right diet it can engender weight loss" says Mr.Barban. Women are known to generate more leptin than men, making this fat loss solution uniquely suited for for females.

The 5 cardinal rules upon which the Venus Factor review is framed include 1. letting the body work to lose weight, 2. triggering biochemical reactions that produce weight loss, 3. manage hormone levels through targeted exercises and specific dietary restrictions, 4. adapting to the Venus Factor diet, and 5. listening to signals your body sends that indicate how you should tweak the program for your specific requirements.

The Venus Factor is designed to let women change their nutrition and enjoy weight loss. Eating carbohydrates, for instance, is a significant change in nutrition which impacts weight loss. By smartly pairing slow and fast carbs together, one can maximize energy but simultaneously boost metabolic rate which burns off calories.

The Venus Factor is not only about nutritional tips. Other areas like workout routines and listening to the body's physiology are also essential elements. To learn more, check out the Venus Factor review at

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