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Venus Factor: Effective Weight Loss Diet or Just Another Hype


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- The Venus Factor has been developed as a stand out program among the women folk not only to help lose weight but also to keep it off permanently. The most common criticism against today’s modern weight loss diet programs has been its inability to keep the weight off long after the program is completed and done with. While many have helped individuals to lose weight, none has succeeded in keeping it off.

The modern day weight loss supplement manufacturers have been boggled by this big question as to how to keep the slim figure permanent. The answer has been given by the venus factor diet program that has been launched with the woman’s body in mind. The body of both the woman and the man are different. Each has a different anatomy and an equally different metabolism. This is why women respond differently to dieting programs. Over the years, majority of the diet programs and weight loss programs have been made with the male anatomy in mind. This has been of no use to the woman’s body because the anatomy is just wired differently. The venus factor diet has particularly been a huge success among women because this has so far successfully met all the demands of the woman’s body. The 12 week program is further divided into three different stages. Each stage is targeted to prepare the body to meet the challenge of the next phase, thereby shielding the body from any form of dramatic changes. Each of these stages last for a period of four weeks.

Throughout each week of the program, the women are allowed complete access to manual directions like pictures, demonstrations and video clippings. These are made with the purpose to aid the individual to gain awareness of the workout routine, thereby making no room for mistakes. For more information please go to

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The Venus factor fitness offers all information concerning the eating program to help the women lose weight. This program provides all the required nutrients for the body while at the same time offering the right weight loss effect.

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