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Venus Factor Review: A Weight Loss Program for Females Who Need to Stay Fit & Feel Fit

The mastermind behind The Venus Factor is the renowned fitness guru John Barban. He holds a degree in human anatomy and nutrition from the University of Florida and carries a great deal of experience in the supplement field. One important note here is that John Barban has made The Venus Factor perfectly free of any supplements and is a workout 100% natural.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Due to the fact that many women can be seen to be looking for effective weight loss solutions these days, different systems have surfaced in the market over the recent years. Resorting to dieting is surely not the only way to become slim, therefore, women are recommended to conduct a good amount of research online in order to find an effective weight loss solution in record time. The Venus factor is a one-of-a-kind weight loss system which is created by John Barban for the utmost convenience of women from all across the globe. The women-only product has managed to trigger the attention and win the hearts of millions of individuals worldwide because of the fact that it tends to offer guaranteed results within the time period of 12 weeks, at the maximum.

The Venus factor reviews can be found all over the wide medium of internet along with the many countless user testimonials of women explaining how the exclusive system has changed their lives forever. Basically, the top notch solution enables women to have an improved metabolism even during dieting, which really is not possible otherwise.


Women seeking to lose weight should keep in mind that it is highly recommended for them to work with a fitness program which not only focuses on weight loss but also perfecting the shape of the body. When it comes to weight loss and perfect body shape, The Venus Factor tops the list.

The Venus Factor details that the idea body shape for women has the following features:
- Waist that is 38% of the height
- Hip should measure about 1.42 times the measurement of the waist.
- Shoulder circumference should be 1.618 times the waist.

Note: There is no single index for every woman as each and every one of them have a different waist and height measurement.


Through this concept of Venus Factor Index, women who are willing to buy this program can remain motivated throughout the process to attain those desired measurements of the index. Moreover, The Venus Factor will also prove to be a great guide in following a diet program best fit for losing weight.

To add to its greatness, The Venus factor does not stop women from consuming less food, instead it guides them into determining which is the best eating formula according to their needs as well as that can successfully go through their diet plan. Along with measurements, height and weight, the amount of calorie needed by the body is also calculated by the Venus Index.

The Venus Factor Package is in the form of an eBook designed to fully explain the weight loss program for women. Nonetheless, the Venus Factor does not resemble any other dieting plan or quick weight loss program. This program ensures that the buyers will learn the different nutritional strategies that women should be aware of in order to lose weight in just 12 weeks. Buyers will learn another important point mentioned in the Venus Factor that there exist certain food sources standing against the process of losing weight, which includes processed food, soy based product and many more. These products do not assist in the formation of leptin and should better be avoided.