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Venus Factor Review by Apex Fitness: Creator of Venus Factor, John Barban, Shares Insight About Weight Loss for Women

The Venus Program is one of the absolute best workouts for women out there. It is scientifically proven to burn fat and replace it with lean, sexy muscle. It is scientifically proven to increase their metabolism so they can burn through more calories without sacrificing the foods that they love to eat. Women have lost up to 15 pounds in only a month! Whats even more amazing is that they eat more, feel great, and keep the weight off long-term.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Getting the perfect body shape is a dream that every woman has. This preferred body shape does not come by just pressing a button, women have to go through torment and agony to achieve that. They occupy themselves with proper workout plans, exercises and various nutritional diets in order to get into a perfect shape. There is a perfect program that tells women if they are eating healthy or using the right workout plans their body needs. The Venus Factor is a weight loss program designed by John Barban.

This program is only designed for women to get the preferred ideal body shape they have always dreamed about, both for attractiveness and for health reasons. There are a large number of weight loss programs available for women. Most of the programs available on the web concentrate on the entire body of a woman, all carb diet plans, workouts, exercises or meal plans. They never focus on the most important factor for a woman which is her body shape.


The Venus Factor is not just some simple weight loss program. There is a reason why it has taken the web by a storm. The reason why it is getting popular is because it only concentrates on body shape and full female body transformation.

The Venus Factor Program provides women with the preferred body shape that is in line with the current body proportions. It also gives the best fitness workout plan that helps women to achieve just that. The Venus Factor Program comes with the main manual which is especially designed to help women reckon up the ideal Venus index ratio for their body. They also get to choose whether to gain or lose weight to attain that ideal index. It is a workout plan that is twelve weeks long. It makes women get their body in the perfect shape and also tone their muscles.

This twelve week program is branched into three most important phases. In each phase, they require women to get clogged up to the recommended fitness workout plan. Women are provided with daily tips and normal routine videos in which they are completely ensured that they are doing the workouts exactly the way they are supposed to do. These workouts need women to use very basic subdued instruments like a bench, dumbbells and a workout mat. The main purpose of this plan is to help women get that ideal preferred body shape they have been trying to get for decades.

The Venus Factor also comes with an eating guide which is a very simple, trustworthy guide to choosing a healthy diet. It is the most simplest guide, rigorously different from the other weight loss fitness programs that tells women to stop eating almost everything they are addicted to. It determines the ideal eating formula for the needs that are specific to a woman's body. The supply of calorie a woman takes is calculated in line with her height, weight and measurements.

About Venus Factor
The Venus Factor is a smart eating program that gives a woman body the right nutrients and exercises it needs every day while staying within their daily calorie goal to stay fit and healthy. The Venus Factor is a program that is spreading fast by word of mouth because female dieter’s results are lowering their scales just as fast.