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Venus Factor Review by the Health Blog Exposes - The First and Only Weight Loss Plan Designed to Bring out Sexy Goddess in Any Woman by Delivering Fast & Long Term Fat Loss

The Venus Factor System is the right choice for any woman who is ready to put down the gimmick answers in order to follow a proven, flavorful step by step system for lifelong weight loss. Women who want to lose at least 10 pounds and get that bikini body without spending endless hours in the gym or sacrificing their favorite foods or red wine to get it, The Venus Factor is for for them.


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- The Venus Factor (VF), is the most systematic approach there can be to lose a considerable amount of weight in the shortest span of time. The good news is that’s its only for women. It has been specially designed keeping in mind how the female metabolism works. It explains to its users why women find it so difficult to lose fat and to keep it off for good as compared to man, and how they can train their bodies to lose the excess fat from all the female problem areas in almost no time. The best part however, is that they can do all this without giving up on their favorite foods, spending long hours in the gym or taking pills and supplements which have harmful side-effects. This product is the commendable work of John Barban who has a Master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition.

Why do women find it harder to lose weight as compared to men?

According to the latest research, the secret of why men can lose weight faster than women and actually keep it off for longer periods of time lies in the metabolic system of the human body. The fat burning mechanism of the body is controlled by the hormone, Leptin, in both; males and females.

Women actually have double the amount of Leptin in their bodies as compared to men. Logically, this should imply that women can burn fat at almost double the rate at which men can. However, the reality is quite the opposite and the major reason for this is that women have a natural Leptin resistance in their body that makes their bodies less prone to response to the Leptin signals to burn fat. Moreover, during dieting the Leptin levels in the female body drop at a very sharp rate leading to a much slowed down metabolic rate.


How does the Venus Factor work?

The VF lays down a step-by-step protocol that tell its users exactly what they should eat and when in order to enhance the Leptin utilization of their bodies to a level that is capable of burning the maximum amount of fat. Furthermore, it includes a workout manual and schedule which identifies the best combination of different exercises that can help lose the most fat and when to do them.

“I was pretty surprised when I saw my after pictures. I didn’t think I changed so much. The transformation was amazing. You just don’t know how much you’ve improved until you compare your before and after pictures side by side. At the beginning I doubted the program, but then I saw my after pictures I was sold. I will stick to the Venus program and I am not going to look for any other program anymore I have found what works, finally.”, said Brooke K.

The VF is the ultimate solution for all those women who want to attain a dream perfect body within just 12 weeks. And right now, thismagical product will cost its immediate buyers only $47. The package would also include other free bonuses including severak workout coaching lesson videos.