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Venus Factor Review - Check out Honest Reviews of the Venus Factor Workout Program and Diet - What Is It, Does It Work, or Is It a Scam?

Venus Factor is a good diet to lose weight, and combined with simple workout plans, which specifically designed for WOMEN.


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- The Venus Factor - Every other woman is conscious of excess weight and adopts imprecise methods to get rid of the fats permanently but the weight gain tends to rebound causing the efforts in vain. One of the best ways to lose the excess weight and to achieve a well-toned body is to follow a program. Planning a diet and exercise strategy mean accounting for all of these factors and making adjustments accordingly. “The Venus Factor” is a well-formulated program by John Barban, which is the most talked product in the recent times.

It has amused people of how efficaciously it works and many are getting desired results from this revolutionary weight loss program. It’s essential to sustain a healthy weight to prevent different diseases and diverse conditions. “The Venus Factor” is a comprehensive weight loss program, which has shown path-breaking results, creating a huge boost among the women today.


Many factors such as environment, family history and genetics, metabolism and habits contribute to wide fat storage in the body. The program describes the prompt ways to achieve the well-shaped body by natural means. It has designated useful measures to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a well-defined diet plan to make impactful changes round the clock.

Venus Factor is a complete personalized weight loss plan for all ages of women, without worrying about falling short on nutrition. It just shares a unique formula that is unknown to many. There is a hormone Leptin in the body, which plays a vital role in increasing women's metabolism. The low levels will slow down the metabolism process as a result the body stores fat faster.

This condition is called Leptin resistance. The focal point of carrying this program is to increase the levels of Leptin by eliminating processed and soy food from one's diet. The program guides the complete diet plan for the next 12 weeks on the basis of time to make things work for them in right manner.

Weight loss doesn’t always mean to give up on favorite food or alcoholic beverages. Women are always often duped into believing the low calorie diet and aerobic exercise myth. This outlook to weight loss often results in vain and sometimes creates serious damages to body as a consequence.


On the other hand factor manual comprises of a complete balanced diet and healthy eating tips by filling the plate with foods loaded with nutrients but low in calories, providing the body all the fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals it needs. And unlike most diet plans, it also allows women to factor in physical activity level.

This healthy smart work out plan consists of a total body workout routine that can help women to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The Venus Factor is a complete guide comprising of easy exercises, fitness tips and muscle building techniques with step-by-step instructions on how to execute them easily at home.

This well documented and effective weight loss program consists of the main manual, The Body Centric Eating Guide and The 12 week Workout guide. The main manual allows resolving Ideal Venus Index Ratio and specifying weather the user needs to gain or lose few pounds to attain it.

The Body Centric Guide suggests the eating habits according to the Venus Index by figuring out caloric intake in proportion to height, weight and hips measurements. The workout plan is divided into four sets, which can be performed three times in a week. The exercises are easy to execute and easy to implement in home without the urge of hitting a gym. By adding fitness exercise to a healthy eating plan will boost one’s health, keeps their heart rate up, burn calories, tones the whole body and moreover helps to achieve the weight loss goal much quicker.

Venus Factor is a new downloadable weight loss e book, which has created quite a buzz in the fitness world by providing 100 percent successful results. This revolutionary exercise and diet plan helps women to reshape their body and increase their muscle mass. It also comprises of tips to keep women motivated, healthy, and focused. The author has offered a complete 60-days money back guarantee to ensure user satisfaction with every purchase.