Venus Factor Review - Should Women Really Fall for This Scam


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Venus Factor is a weight loss and fat burning program designed and written especially for women to attain a perfect bikini body. There are various weight loss programs available in the market currently but Venus Factor is different from them because it only targets women and suits their body perfectly. Even the video presentation available on the official website starts with the sentence, “The following presentation does not apply to men and is only for women who want to lose at least ten pounds.” As one can clearly see, unlike other weight loss programs, this targets only women and thus it is widely known as the most effective weight loss program for women.

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The program is designed and written by John Barban who has a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Human Biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph in Canada and thus he has a vast knowledge in this subject and one can easily put his trust on the author and his program. Venus Factor weight loss program is so effective that with the right application one can attain a perfect bikini body in just twelve weeks.

Many people ask that why the program is only for women? Well the answer is very simple, which is because of metabolism. Both men and women have a different metabolism and because metabolism plays a vital role in fat burning therefore it is very important to actually improve the working rate of metabolism that both women and men have relatively different. The program is itself very simple and doesn’t require anything from women that will be tough for them to execute. However, the program does have some listed exercise that women are needed to perform in order to attain a body that every woman dreams of.

The good thing about this weight loss program is that it doesn’t force any women to take some weight loss pills or spend hours working out in the gym and neither sacrificing their favorite foods in the name of a diet plan. Instead, the 12 week weight loss program in the Venus Factor downloadable e-book has a number of exercises and a nutritious and caloric meter to be in touch with the progress. The program also has a community where all the members connect with each other and share their experiences and help out each other.

Venus Factor is an effective weight loss program especially designed for women by John Barban who is a known and qualified nutritionist and biologist himself.

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