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Venus Factor Review Unveils the Hype Behind the Advertisement


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- Weight loss programs in the past have failed to give as much positive results to women as it did to men. The failure lies in the fact that most of the diet programs were made keeping in mind the metabolism and physiology of the male body. Since men and women face different physiological and psychological body challenges, dieting program approaches should also be different.

John Barban, the mastermind behind the program has extensive experience working with the female body. The venus factor diet is carefully designed to suit the physique and disposition of a woman. This custom designed diet triggers quick response from the feminine muscle fiber distribution, hormonal mechanism and fat storage. The program works effectively on women of all ages and body types. Within months of its release into the market, the response was tremendous and it changed many lives.

Obesity is more than a physical problem. With the social prejudice against overweight people, especially among women, it has become as much a psychological and emotional problem as it is a physiological problem. A major reason for suicides in the country is due to depression caused by obesity and the social prejudice towards it. The venus factor diet is also different in the sense that it not only help women lose weight but also takes care of the health during the process. Losing drastically can cause a lot of major changes in the body. John Barban, the creator of this diet program says that if this transition is not monitored with care than it could lead to long-term health problems.

While the program helps lose weight quickly, it makes sure that the body adapts well to the sudden change. The body cells, muscle tissues and other important body organ are well taken care of during the entire process. Several reviews have proven this point very clearly. For more information please go to

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