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Venus Factor - Reviews Claim That Venus Factor Nutrition Plan Results in Better Health and Reduced Weight


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- Weight loss has always been a major issue of concern for many, especially for the women. Many women express exasperation at being unable to lose weight despite making significant dietary changes and exercising, whereas their male counterparts appear to drop pounds just by making minimal lifestyle tweaks here and there. Now it's time to turn the tables and make things work in their favor, to help them improve their mood, gain energy and lose weight easily and effectively. Introducing, The Venus Factor, a complete diet and fitness system designed by Author John Barban, especially for the female body that has taken a new approach to weight loss.

Women all around the globe are seeing some of the most impressive results with this safe, yet powerful weight loss program without the side effects in only 12 weeks. The substantial program doesn’t encourage low calorie diets unlike other weight loss programs rather it proposes a diet that is suitable for the well functioning of a body and women can enjoy the pleasures of their favorite’s food up to some extent. It offers workout which is safe to do, easy, quick and very efficient to maintain overall fitness and helps staying in shape through many years to come.


According to the author of this weight loss program, there is a harmone in the body called Leptin which influences the body's ability to shed excess pounds especially in women as compared to men. He explains that the longer body is in a calorie deficit, the lower leptin levels and metabolic rate become which further contributes to leptin resistance. It is a condition that has been associated with increased body fat and circulating leptin levels, and the effect is thought to contribute to the maintenance of obesity.

The goal of this program is to make leptin work properly and help women lose weight. The program is well defined to their purpose, which focuses on women's metabolism to achieve the smart figure without diverse effects. It includes unique complete exercise tips, nutritional guidelines, simple lifestyle changes, and alternative approaches to attain the perfect body shape and weight, staying toned and sexy. The weight-loss diet plan models healthy eating patterns based on tips and resources for planning a well-balanced and healthy diet that provides a woman's body the right nutrients and correct eating habits that can be followed for lifelong weight control.

The training part of the program focuses on short bouts of easy exercise which can be performed three times in a week easily at home without the urge of hitting a gym. The revolutionary program consists of such life style that is life changing and completely caters to the popular demand of women.
The Venus Factor comes with the main manual, The Body Centric Eating Guide and The 12 week Workout guide. The main manual signifies height-to-waist, waist-to-hip and waist-to-shoulder ratio specifying weather the user needs to gain or lose few pounds to attain and maintain the appealing physique that they desire for.


The Body Centric guide motivate women to adopt healthy eating habits and provides valuable information on health trends and nutrition information at the home to keep the weight off over the long run. Although food and proper eating habits are essential to life, food alone cannot make one truly healthy.

The 12 Week Workout Guide offers simple and fun female workouts, easy exercises, fitness tips and muscle building techniques which do not require the use of expensive equipments and can be conducted at home with ease which contribute in maintaining a healthy sexy body and active lifestyle. There are illustrations and video demonstrations that can be helpful at conducting them accordingly. Losing weight and to achieve a desired body can often be a very difficult process. Permanent weight loss takes time and effort.

Venus Factor is a scientifically proven 12-week system to burn fat and replaces it with lean, sexy muscle. This points out that it will take at least 12 weeks of consistent nutrition and training to get increase the metabolism enough to see results, so it’s very important to stay committed to your weight loss goal, practice patience, be consistent, and stay positive. The author of this revolutionary product has more to offer, 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 60 days and get a 100% refund if not satisfied, no-questions-asked refund guarantee.