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Venus Factor Reviews - How Women Can Drop 3 Dress Sizes in a Week? Read This & Discover Some Weight Loss Tips

One of the most important components of Venus Factor is leptin, which makes the weight loss system even more unique than other fad diets.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- The Venus Factor: How does it provide an answer to those women stumbling through the weight loss labyrinth? Magazines full of extraordinary models, advertisements for cosmetic products that enhance hair, eyes,lips and cheeks all bombard American women: the message is clear. It's very important to look good. At the youngest ages most girls are bombarded with messages that their worth is tied to their appearance. Yet coupled with this message is America’s insidious and pervasive fast food mentality that results in obesity or too-much-weight as the frequent norm.

Into this realm of confusion and frustration, many are shouting solutions about weight loss. So many in fact, that seeking a solution to getting rid of extra fat or weight can quickly become a mind-numbing walk through an endless labyrinth. Into this weight loss arena comes John Barban, an expert with a background in nutrition, physiology and biology, providing a leptin-based solution to weight loss, the Venus Factor.


What is different about the Venus Factor is its focus on how leptin is the problem and the solution for fat burning in women. Leptin is the main fat-burning hormone in human biochemistry. It's a common observation that in general, men seem to take off weight and fat much more easily than women, and keep it off. The answer to this difference is provided by some recent scientific discoveries about the main fat-burning hormone, leptin.

It may seem puzzling at first that women have twice as much leptin than men and yet struggle with weight more. The reason being is that leptin levels rise and fall more dramatically for women than for men. This fluctuation is the source of rebound weight gain, plateau syndrome in weight loss programs. Restrictive dieting: Every time a woman goes through a restrictive dieting period, leptin levels are diminished and resistance to leptin increases. Every time a woman goes through childbirth, leptin levels are also similarly affected.

Leptin is the hormone that is also associated with metabolism, adrenals and is involved in appetite levels--the sense of hunger and how the body metabolizes what is consumed. Without regulation from leptin, the body’s normal ways to maintain health and weight have disappeared.


Another difference about the Venus Factor is its holistic approach to weight loss. That is, although it focuses on the problem of leptin in women, the solution comes in several forms. First, it’s about eating the right foods for better health and weight loss. Second, it is encouraged to use a particular exercise program for weight loss (the program comes with more than 100 exercise videos). Third, there are excellent cutting edge supplements that restore optimal functioning in the digestive system, leptin levels and leptin sensitivity, blood sugar levels and more. Deeper levels in the program offer body sculpting exercises.

Cheat days in a weight loss plan? Yes, a “cheat” day (or eat-up day) actually aids in weight loss and available Leptin levels. Happily for those who want to embark on a program that focuses on this issue of leptin: unlike men, women make progress by having a “cheat” or “eat up” day which is used specifically to increase leptin. Imagine that, an oasis day in a week of restrictive dieting (Yes, lose weight involves paying attention to caloric intake). And it’s there not only to provide a break but especially because such days are needed to reset the amount of leptin available and leptin resistance for women.

Since its launch in 2013 the Venus Factor program has been “flying off the shelves,” with very few dissatisfied customers returning their purchase. And like all good high quality products, there is an impressive satisfaction guarantee. Tens of thousands have met their target goals with the Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor is a 12 week fat loss system based on a combination of nutritional guidelines and specific exercises for women with the extra help of software calculators for nutritional and body measurement accuracy, plus a ladies' community for help and feedback, the last one a very useful psychological tool to avoid staleness and spur optimal results.