Venus Factor Reviews Highlight Good and Bad to John Barban's Program

The Venus Factor is being called the go-to workout and diet program for women. But is John Barban's program as good as all of the Venus Factor reviews say it is?


Medford, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Have you ever wondered why it is so much more difficult for women to lose weight and keep it off, than it is for men? It's not that women eat more than men, as there are lots of men who binge of sweets, as well. It's a matter of metabolism. Latest research revealed in The Venus Factor video gives tips that can enable women to lose at least 10 pounds and keep them off without struggling.

This science was distilled by John Barban, world class expert in nutrition, physiology and biology, in The Venus Factor, a fast weight loss program dedicated solely to women. The best thing about this program is that it enables slimming exactly in the problem zones for women: belly, waist, hips and thighs. What can be better than losing weight and shaping your body at the same time?

The promise of The Venus Factor is to share a tip that will make you drop up to three dress sizes within only one week. This special tip is supposed to allow you eat as much as you want and still keep a dream body.

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What the Venus Factor does not include: hours of hard work on treadmills and other gym machines, prepackaged or restricted diets or weight loss pills. It is something totally revolutionary which John Barban discovered while he was working for the number one weight loss supplement for women in the world. He was doing research on the human metabolism, when he discovered this shocking fact that could make weight loss for women much easier.

John was studying the female metabolism with his sister Lisa in mind. Lisa was overweight and reached out to John to help her control her weight. This motivated him to become a passionate researcher in the female weight loss area. John had already developed weight loss and fitness programs for men, which worked perfectly and helped many guys get in the shape of their life. All these were useless when it came to Lisa. Nothing helped her lose weight and maintain her silhouette on long term. Lisa was so obsessed and ashamed with her weight, that she started to be ashamed to order food at the restaurant.

As things were not bad enough, after she had her first baby, Lisa exploded. She was 210 lbs, a totally unhealthy weight for her height. Besides, she got very depressed, as you can imagine, and her self-esteem got even lower.

It took John two years of study until the day when he had the breakthrough revelation which changed everything for Lisa and for many other women like her. He found those loopholes in the female weight loss, that would permit Lisa to shed those pounds fast and keep them off for good.

Lisa was happy to try John's revelation and she managed to lose 53 pounds of fat in only 5 months. She dropped 12 dress sizes. This physical transformation had a huge impact on Lisa's life. She went through a psychical transformation. From the insecure and depressed woman who didn't care about living her life with joy anymore, she turned into a confident, brilliant, happy and active woman which she hid inside her for so much time.

The breakthrough discovery John made was that there's one master hormone in the female body which is responsible for regulating the weight. This master hormone that controls 100% the ability of your body to burn fat is called leptin.

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Leptin works in the following way: high levels of leptin speed up the metabolism and give the body a signal to start burning fat, while low levels of leptin slow down the metabolism.

Research showed that women have twice as much leptin in their bodies than men. This may look like a good news. The bad news is that women are three times less responsive to leptin than men. This means that although they have more leptin, they won't burn fat as fast as men, just because their body is not that responsive. This condition is known as leptin resistance and it is visible in the shape of that unwanted fat that accumulates on women's butt, hips and belly. Another bad news for women is that when dieting, leptin levels tend to decrease twice as fast as compared to a man who is dieting. This is why women tend to gain even more weight after stopping a diet.

The Venus Factor shows women how to control their leptin levels and put this hormone to work for burning that fat once for all.

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The Venus Factor is John Barban's latest contribution to the fitness world and it is specifically designed for women. For those that want to learn moare about the program, click here to visit the website.