The Venus Factor: A Diet System with Proven Fat Loss Results

The new Venus factors contains a valuable information that will make losing excess weight and managing the healthy weight easy like never before regardless of women’s age.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- A revolutionary diet system promises overweight women to drop up about 3 dress sizes in a single week. In addition, these results are attained in spite of the fact that the customers consume the foods they like the most if they learn how to do that strategically.

The Venus factor will teach people how to eat properly in order to promote constant fat loss and which of the so called “healthy” foods disturb the process of weight loss. It doesn’t involve any cardio and exercise machines, restrictive diets or supplements that are widely promoted by the diet industry these days. The Venus factor is completely different product that is based on diet science.

The scientific researches show that a single hormone in people’s body, called Leptin is responsible for fat burn. So the higher Leptin levels are the faster and stronger will be the signal to burn fat, while the low Leptin levels slow down the metabolism and cause fat deposits. The problem is that women are 3 times less responsive to the signals that Leptin sends, so they struggle much more with body fat than men. In addition, what makes women dieting so ineffective is the fact that the leptin levels even further drop when dieting, which further slows down the women’s metabolism making the weight loss impossible. Once the diet stops a rebound weight gain occurs making the situation even worse than before.

All these problems now are resolved by a powerful proven solution, called The Venus Factor. This is the first ever weight loss plan created to target the root of the problems, i.e. increasing female metabolism and delivering super fast and long term results. This is the only weight loss product that promises women that their fat loss will be enjoyable and simple process without any restrictive diets and lots of exercises.

Even the women who have no time because of their busy lifestyle, or those with terrible genetics and slow metabolism can take advantage of this product and enjoy the amazing fast results in fat burn and weight control. In addition, the Venus Factor does not cause uncontrollable cravings for food, nor diminishes energy, causing fatigue. It is an amazing solution that works on female problem areas like butt, hips, stomach and thighs to burn fat permanently.

Finally, the Venus Factor is a 12 week nutrition plan that is very easy to follow. By following this amazing plan step by step, women will realize that fat burning can be easy like never before.

All who are interested in this revolutionary method of fast and effective weight loss can take a look at to find out more.

About The Venus Factor
The special Venus Factor female diet system becomes increasingly popular because of the amazing effect it has on women who would like to get rid of excess fat and lose some more pounds without harsh diets.