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Venus Factor Reviews - Now the Best Weight Loss Program Is Available for Females to Shed Their Unwanted Pounds Easily


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Millions of women desire for physical attractiveness whether it is hair color, eye color or a perfect figure. A woman is said to be blessed if she has a stunningly well toned body shape. To achieve that appealing body two fourth of women adopts detrimental ways of losing weight which cause them serious illness affecting them physically, internally and mentally. Author John Barban, who is a qualified nutritionist and human biology expert, has designed a guidebook which consists of 12 week weight loss course which is easy to execute. The Venus Factor is a comprehensive health guide for all ages of women which instruct them to decrease their excessive body fats in a natural way.

Venus Factor is specifically designed for women and their goals! Women do such heavy workout without knowing the consequence of it. The program is well defined to their purpose, which focuses on women's metabolism to achieve the smart figure without diverse effects. It just shares a unique formula that is unknown to many of women.


There is a hormone Leptin in the body, which plays a vital role in increasing women's metabolism. The low levels will slow down the metabolism process as a result the body stores fat faster. This condition is called Leptin resistance. The focal point of carrying this program is to increase the levels of Leptin by eliminating processed and soy food from the diet. The program guides the complete diet plan for the next 12 weeks on the basis of time to make things work for them in right manner.

The Venus Factor is a smart eating program that provides a woman's body the right nutrients and correct eating habits which contribute to a healthier longer life. The result will be miraculous without starving for the most craved food thus treating the Leptin resistance inversely.


The manuals are designed to fit a woman's needs and firm up every muscle without leaving her house. It gives a ratio of a body structure so the waist should be about 38% of height. The workout plan is divided into four sets and can be performed three times in a week. The exercises are easy to execute as they don’t require any complicated equipment to feel the urge of hitting a gym. The workout program offers numerous video and photos for the correct posture and guide so that it is easily followed to fulfill any woman's goal.

About The Official Website:
Venus Factor is an ultimate solution and a must-have product ,comprising of a full-body weight training program for all those women who desire to look good in a swimsuit. It composes of effective and complete programs to help women achieve their fitness, overall toning and shaping of body. This plan, built around healthy eating tips and regular exercise. For best results, it is essential that users follow the instructions exactly and accordingly given in the book.