Announces That Mists of Pandaria Is Closing Its Release

The site today releases new information.


Kowloon, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- Mists of Pandaria is the next expansion to World of Warcraft being developed now by the game developers Blizzard Entertainment. It is in its final stages of development and is nearing its release. The Veooo site, who has been helping gamers for quite a long time, announced that they will house sellers for this new expansion of World of Warcraft. Previously they have served players of Cataclysm - the last WOW Expansion.

Nothing certain can be said about the release date of Mists of Pandaria because its developers, Blizzard Entertainment, haven’t officially announced it yet. Popular opinion from the subscribers and the fan base of WoW speculates that will be released by the end of July 2012 or early August 2012. There is a bit of proof for this suggestion; the Mists of Pandaria expansion has already entered beta testing and it is in its final stages. Raid content test is going to be started in this beta test that usually marks the end of the beta. There are many reasons for Blizzard to release this new expansion as soon as possible but followers have to wait for them.

This upcoming expansion introduces a new land named Pandaria, from which apparently the name is derived from. It was hidden in World of Warcraft until the time of this expansion; this was caused by the Cataclysm in the third expansion which has cleared the mists. This Pandaria is a continent that is divided into five main regions.

This new land is covered with dense forests and other natural resources; it is stated that it will have an Asian look about it. This new expansion brings a new aspect to WoW because it introduces the Pandaren race, which is a playable neutral race. There has never been a neutral playable race in any of the previous expansions. This Pandaren has striking resemblance to the real life panda.

Veooo already assures that help will be given to players of this new expansion. They will offer all kinds of gaming help for it. power leveling is a very effective gaming help that increases the characters level much higher than other player’s characters, creating a better standing than others and making way for a significant role to play. WoW Gold is a greatly useful resource that can be used to buy a set of gear which is an important aspect of the character that provides new abilities, strengths, defense points, etc.

Many more items will be available due to this expansion. One powerful item can give players a lot of abilities; the item will be a good companion throughout the game in all the expenditure, until the character’s level makes it unable to use that item. Alternatively fully loaded gaming accounts can be bought that brings all the gaming goods in one package.

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