Seeks to Safely Connect Buyers and Sellers in Diablo 3 Gold Trading Market


Hong Kong, -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2012 -- Diablo 3 has been out for several months, and already, the game has developed a thriving economy based on real-world money. Unfortunately, Blizzard has chosen to restrict certain aspects of the Diablo 3 marketplace. Instead of allowing Diablo 3 gold to be traded at any price, Blizzard’s real money auction house is fixed at a minimum price of $2.50 per one million gold.

However, third-party sites have begun to appear online. These sites offer a more affordable gold trading solution. is one such site that has been attracting a lot of attention lately. It seeks to provide the cheapest Diablo 3 gold on the market. As a third-party buyer, is not forced to sell gold at the $2.50 per million gold minimum. Instead, it seeks to provide prices as low as $1.86 per million gold on US-Normal Mode servers, and as low as $0.80 per million gold on Asia-Normal Mode servers.

Unlike many other Diablo 3 gold trading sites on the internet today, has existed for several months. The website was launched in March and has been gaining a large following of Diablo 3 players since that point. As a result, the site is one of the largest sources of Diablo 3 gold sellers online, and claims the constant interactions between buyers and sellers allow the market to function as efficiently as possible.

A spokesperson for describes how the site is able to maintain low prices while engaging buyers and sellers:

“We wanted to make like Amazon for the Diablo 3 community. We’ve made our site easy for both buyers and sellers to access, which ensures that the market is always moving efficiently. Our numerous safety features also help players avoid scams, which protects both buyers and sellers.”

In terms of safety features, the creators of have worked hard to make their site safe and easy for anybody to access. acts as the middle man for all transactions. The buyer sends money to, then Veooo tells the seller to send over the merchandise. Once the buyer has confirmed the delivery, Veooo sends money to the seller. This helps players avoid scams. Payment can be made through credit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods. is more than just a Diablo 3 gold auction site; it also provides markets for Diablo 3 armor, weapons, and items. Markets are also available for other popular MMORPGs, including World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars, Lineage, and many others.

Whether buying and selling Diablo 3 gold, or wanting to check out the armor, items, and weapons available, provides a third-party auction site that players can use to avoid Blizzard’s restrictive auction house. With its popular safety features and wide selection of services, seeks to be the number one Diablo 3 trading site on the internet.

About provides a third-party auction house that Diablo 3 players can use to buy and sell gold, weapons, armor, and items. The website also provides trading services for other popular MMORPGs. For more information, please visit: