Verano Spiral Slicer Becomes the Perfect Kitchen Tool to Help with Healthy Cooking

Verano Spiral Slicer is helping men and women to lose weight by eating healthy foods


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- In America there is a serious health problem sweeping the nation and the world, that problem is called obesity. At the present moment there are over 60% of adults living in America who are overweight, and out of those 60% there are 37% who are classed as obese. Unfortunately the obesity problem is not just affecting adults the problem is also affecting children.

The increase in the obesity problem is being blamed on a number of things, which includes the lack of exercise where adults are less active than they were ten years ago and the other factor according to health experts, is adults dietary. Health experts have said we are eating too much unhealthy food and we need to change our eating habits from fatty foods to healthy foods. One product that helps with healthy eating is the Verano Spiral Slicer priced at just $21.95 available from Amazon

According to a report, one of the biggest problems adults have with regard to putting on weight is Americans eat a lot of food they did not cook themselves. Less than 60% of the food Americans eat is actually cooked at home, with the popular trend of eating fast food or eating out at restaurants.

Health and lifestyle experts believe the best way to tackle obesity is for people to change there eating habits. Instead of eating out and taking home fast food, adults should be eating at home from meals they have prepared themselves. These experts believe if people cook the meals themselves and learn about healthy cooking then men and women would start to lose weight through eating healthily and learning about foods.

There are a couple of problems about changing people’s mindset from eating out and bringing home fast food, these include motivation and showing people cooking does not have to be boring or hard work.

What a lot of people do not understand, cooking is a great way to relax, remove the stress from a hard days work, cooking with the right tools can be fun and can be creative especially if they use kitchen tools which include the Spiral Slicer which is the perfect tool to help with healthy cooking.

Food does not have to look boring, food can look creative just like it does in fancy restaurants and on cooking shows, especially if a person uses the Verano® Spiral Slicer which is available from Amazon ( This kitchen tool is a great way to prepare fancy healthy vegetable dishes, showing off artistic talents.

The Verano Spiral Slicer is the tool to impress, allowing amateur cooks to cook like the professionals, styling raw foods to impress which includes cucumbers, zucchini and carrots. With the Verano Spiral Slicer people can easily impress their friends by being creative in the kitchen, doing what took chefs a lot of training to do before the invention of the Spiral Slicer such as creating pasta like shapes out of raw food.

Thanks to the Verano Spiral Slicer, eating healthy and cooking can now be fun, allowing men and women to lose weight by changing their lifestyle.

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About Verano® Spiral Slicer
Verano Spiral Slicer is a Professional Vegetable Spiralizer which is a perfect spiral cutter With 2 Julienne sizes of sharp Japanese stainless steel blades. It is well Designed Food Cutter for Carrot, Radish, Cucumber & Zucchini Noodle - Raw Pasta / Zucchini Spaghetti Maker. Perfect Julienne Peeler for Low Carb Raw Healthy Vegetable Meals & Food Decoration. Dishwasher Safe. 100% Lifetime Guarantee.