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Veras Fitness Announces 1,000 Pound Melt Down Challenge in Miami, FL


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2012 -- Veras Fitness is proud to announce the new 1,000 Pound Melt Down Challenge in Miami, Florida. This plan is designed to help Miami residents become strong, healthy and lean using the signature Veras Fitness Boot Camp workout program. It is the goal of Veras Fitness to help over 10,000 Miami residents experience the healthy lifestyle by 2020.

David Veras founded Veras Fitness Boot Camp in 2011. As part of the new weight loss challenge, the company will be offering a chance for residents to experience a 30-day workout program complete with a weight loss tracker and nutritional support. The training team at Veras Fitness is devoted to helping residents in the city of Miami reach their personal fitness goals and shed 1,000 extra pounds.

Veras Fitness holds the reputation of being the leader in indoor boot camp classes in Miami. By utilizing the Unstoppable Fitness Formula, the programs continue to help participants push themselves to new levels. The workouts are designed to burn fat quickly without taking up too much time. The indoor, climate controlled facility makes it easy for residents to get a great workout no matter what the weather outside. Veras Fitness center is complete with cutting edge circuit training equipment and the best fitness training methods for every body.

The 1,000 Pound Melt Down Challenge from Veras Fitness has been designed to encourage residents to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. With this program, Veras Fitness is helping the area fight the obesity epidemic which is known to cause stroke, diabetes and heart disease. This challenge is available to all residents in the Miami area who are interested in losing weight.

About Veras Fitness
Veras Fitness Boot Camp was founded by David Veras in 2011. Through the signature fitness program, Veras has helped over 100 clients reach success. The program has been created to drive participants to leading a healthier, more fit life. Veras offers five years of personal and group training experience to boast. The current 1,000 pound Melt-Down Challenge is available to any participant interested in reaching their fitness goals. More information is available by visiting http://www.verasfitness.com. For more information on Veras Fitness or the current Miami weight loss competition, contact the company via email at frontdesk@verasfitness.com or phone at (786) 383-3348.