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Veronique Inc Set to Launch New Radio Show Supporting People to Thrive in the Trump Presidency


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2016 -- Veronique Inc. an up and coming organization providing growth and development tools for personal and professional transformation has announced today the inaugural episode of their Internet radio show titled "Freedom Is Internal" on

The first show begins on Tuesday, December 21st 2016, at 12:00am EST and can be found online at: The Freedom Is Internal Radio Show on the day in question.

The show will be hosted by Veronique and will cover topics and issues that people seem to experience on a day to day basis which are holding them back or creating confusion in their understanding of what is causing the struggle they seem to be experiencing in their relationships, health, personal or professional lives. These answers will be based on the Personal and Professional development system called The Freedom Is Internal Collection developed by Veronique and sold by

"This is an exciting launch of the show because the system in The Freedom Is Internal Collection is the first time this information is being presented in this format," said B. Hopkins radio show assistant. "This system is so effective in it's ability to support others in opening themselves up to be all they can be, so they can eliminate the fear and self-hate that can sometimes build up within themselves. I've seen it change people's lives in a matter of weeks, and so it's very exciting to bring it out to the public in a global way because it can do so much to empower those who are fearful of having Trump as a President of this country."

The show will have live callers who can call into the show on the number 803-575-2025. For those of you who have questions regarding the radio show, you can ask them before hand by going to and entering your question there.

About Veronique & Veronique Inc.
Veronique is a Master Mentor. She's the CEO and founder of Veronique Inc, a foundation based on Unifying Love with Wealth by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness™. Her innovative methodology of combines both science and ancient wisdom as one. Her "Freedom Is Internal Collection" provides a unique understanding of self, to support us in regaining command over our lives. Veronique concluded a 23-year exclusivity contract and chose to make her Freedom Is Internal Collection universally available. Veronique's vision remains as strongly in place today as during her initial life-changing discoveries that formed the basis of this material.