Version 2 Trick Photography and Special Effects Course Just Released

This news brief covers the new release of version 2 of Evan Sharboneau's "Trick Photography and Special Effects" course and explains what is covered in the new version.


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- Evan Sharboneau has just released version 2 of his on-line Trick Photography course called Trick Photography and Special Effects. This best selling training program teaches people how to take amazing photographs. Newly updated the course includes an in-depth manual of almost 300 pages sand over nine hours of video tutorials.

Considered by many to be a photographic genius, Sharboneau states "Really anyone can take photos like mine. All it takes is some understanding about lighting and composition and having a bit of creativity". He goes on to say "You don't even need an expensive camera." In fact in his newly revised course, Evan shows you what kinds of cameras to look for and where they can be purchased inexpensively. Just looking at Sharboneau's photos is likely to get the creative juices flowing but in his course Sharboneau explains exactly how to take photos like his.

This new course covers such topics as long exposure effects and light painting as well as all kinds of special effects techniques that can be done with various types of lights and lighting such as LED strips and flashlights and even fiber optics and lasers. Evan takes his students into the world of in-camera illusions including such topics as forced perspectives, rotated perspectives, 3D stereoscopic photography and high speed photography.

Many other topics are also covered in Trick Photography and Special Effects including HDR photography, infrared photography and panoramas.

Trick Photography and Special Effects
 also covers in great detail post-processing and viewing using such software tools as Photoshop, or the less expensive Photo Elements or even the free tool Gimp.

The new course, currently being offered at $50.00 off the list price, is available for immediate download at the official website Trick Photography and Special Effects Course DISCOUNT and comes with a special unadvertised bonus.

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