Version 2.0 Make HalalMinds App Bigger and Better


Fukuoka, JP -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- HalalMinds is one of the most innovative apps of the present times. This app has been created keeping in mind the problems Muslim population have been undertaking in foreign lands. There are many countries where Muslims are in minority like Taiwan and South Korea and thus, at these places, Muslims especially the newly migrated ones find it really difficult to have their share of food, cosmetics and medicines. The thing that adds to the problems of Muslims is that they cannot consume non-Halal foods including the likes of pork, lard, any alcoholic beverages and any kind of poisonous plants. Herein comes the advantage of HalalMinds, which indicates the right hotels where one can consume Halal foods and also have other Halal composed items. Secondly, HalalMinds also indicate the medicines and cosmetics that have a Halal bar code, so that Muslims feel comfortable.

HalalMinds also participated in the renowned Global tic awards held at Taipei. Not only did HalalMinds participated but they also won an award there. Global Tic awards is one of the most prestigious awards for the new startups and every new startup want to participate in this competition. However, not every startup gets a chance to participate in this mega event, as the firm has to have a few eligibility criteria conquered. This is what HalalMinds has done and has really raised the bar among its competitors. It was the only product from Japan that participated in this competition. Global Tic awards serve as a great foundation for new startups, as many of the top notch potential investors come to this forum and for the young startups too, this is a wonderful opportunity to raise their product in front of these investors.

The version 2.0 of this app is going to make HalalMinds bigger and better. Earlier this app was valid only for Japan but now this new version is ready to hit across Taiwan, China and South Korea. With three new nations added to the list, this version 2.0 is already a promising hit. HalalMinds in this new version 2.0 has added many new places to have Halal food and many new marketplaces have also been added, which were missing in the previous version. Thus, not only new countries have been added but the already established features also have been sharpened.

The founder of HalalMinds is Agung Pambudi and he has really got a sharp mind. Agung has taken his PhD from the well-known Kyushu University and is originally from Indonesia. He is currently settled in Japan. Since Agung is a Muslim himself, he understand the difficulty that fellow Muslims go through while in search of Halal foods and Halal marketplaces.

Thus, his version 2.0 has really tried to cover all the bases. His experience of living in various countries like Taiwan, South Korea and Finland has made him aware of the problems of those areas and he know where to find Halal marketplace in those countries. Furthermore, the new version will also help the individual in finding the right direction to pray.

About HalalMinds
HalalMinds (http://www.Halalminds.com) was started in late October 2013 with a created HalalMinds application in Japan. The niche of halal has significantly growth in the last two years. Many countries are active to enter the halal market such as in food, cosmetic, medicine and tourism. The unique idea of HalalMinds is to solve three big problems in Muslim society: Living, Traveling and Trading.