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Vertex Security Introduces Cloud & Web-Based Access Control System


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- New York City-based security solutions provider, Vertex Security, recently launched an upgraded version of the traditional access control system that will offer users complete control over their security system without the need to be on-site. The new cloud & web-based access control system has been designed to give property managers full control over their properties, regardless of where they are, through their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Advancements in security technologies have made the task of securing properties easier, safer and less time consuming; today's security systems are far beyond the padlock and key mechanisms of yesterday. The traditional access control systems have made it much easier for property managers to maintain better control over security of the properties, by allowing them to grant entry and exit through all doors - including elevators - and have eliminated the need for keys, thus getting rid of many opportunities for unauthorized access to a building.

However, one of the problems with the traditional system is that a manager or technician is required on-site to personally deal with any issue that may arise; however, on the contrary, new cloud & web-based access control system do not require on-site control rooms. The new cloud & web-based access control system carries all the benefits of the traditional version, including effectiveness and efficiency, with the added benefits of saving time, money and maintenance headaches because 80% of all system or access issues can be resolved remotely.

Barak Ron, owner of Vertex Security said: "We are pleased to add another top of the line security solution to our offerings. The Vertex Security web-based access control system is designed to give to property managers the enhanced protection of properties, while costing you less money and time, and making maintenance so much easier. Providing advanced security systems that offer our clients' peace of mind due to convenience, better control and affordability has always been the main objective of our company to which we will always stay committed."

About Vertex Security
Vertex Security is one of New York City's leading security solution providers. Vertex Security provides a variety of technological security solutions for the residential, commercial and government sectors throughout the New York Metro area.

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