Vertical Storage Tank Specialist Reacts to CPA Stance on Next Government and Farming


Peterborough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2014 -- Peterborough-based Enduramaxx mirrors calls from the Crop Protection Agency (CPA), which during it’s annual conference called for the next UK government to support productive agriculture in the UK and to meet the challenges of food security in the coming decades.

With just one year until the next general election, the CPA asked representatives from all three major parties to outline policies and approaches that they believe the next government should adopt to support productive agriculture. With widespread recognition of the scale of the global food security challenge and with the world’s population set to reach 9 billion by 2050, farmland, water and energy resources will be in limited supply. Finding new ways to produce more food from less will be one of the main challenges facing farming, according to the CPA.

Enduramaxx provides a number of solutions that help farmers to manage limited resources much more effectively. The company provides a range of rainwater tank solutions that enable farmers to harvest rainwater run-off from roofs, which is then stored in vertical storage tanks or horizontal storage tanks.

With vertical storage tanks available in capacities of up to 30,000 litres, farmers are able to bulk-buy liquid fertiliser and can also save on mixing time too. Enduramaxx also supplies cone bottom tanks in which farmers can store and mix chemicals, store molasses and feeds, produce their own biodiesel and also brew beer, cider and wines.

For a greater understanding of the range of tanks that Enduramaxx supply that help farmers to make the very most of their limited resources, get in touch. To learn more about the extended range of vertical storage tanks, rainwater tanks, horizontal tanks cone bottom tanks and sprayers, visit

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