Verticomm Technologies Inc. Offers Secure and Dexterous Cloud-Based Workspace for Businesses


Englewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- offers secure and dexterous cloud-based workspace for businesses for better communication and effectiveness. With their efficient and Secure Cloud computing, everything is stored in the cloud and IT administrators just have to analyze and determine the average usage of their organization and acquire only the licenses, their business needs. is one proficient Cloud Computing Vendor for business of all sizes, whether there are just 10 employees or 1000 employees. Their Cisco cloud computing services can be adjusted as per the requirement and delivers unmatched customer service for better business efficiency and profitability.

Their spokesperson speaks about their cloud computing services, “Verticomm's Cloud VTI platform allows us to create a private cloud environment for each of our clients. Within Cloud VTI we deliver our Office Everywhere, Virtual Voice and Controlled Wireless services. What separates us from other cloud providers is that if possible we virtualize ALL of our clients' applications including those lines of business applications unique to their company or industry. In short, we say YES where others say No.”

Their cloud file server gives great flexibility to the employees and executives of their client company to access it, even when not at the office. If someone has to update a report, one can easily log in and make any necessary updates they want. It’s great to manage projects in the cloud, where there is a single interface and all project communication can take place there.

About Verticomm Technologies Inc. a Denver-based company, has been providing cost effective technology solutions and services to businesses nationwide since 1999. Our products and services are designed to help businesses plan, deploy and manage their voice and data infrastructure so they can focus more time on running the business. provides technology wisdom, tools, and services within a management platform that takes global responsibility of all of our clients' technology needs. Their services are designed to help businesses plan, deploy and manage their voice and data infrastructure so they can focus on running their business.

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