VerveEnergyShot Announces 12/1/12 Sponsorship of NoDoubtTrout in His WBA Super Welterweight Title Showdown Versus Former World Champion RealMiguelCotto

VerveEnergyShot SPONSORS via Bottom2thatop WINNER NoDoubtTrout


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- Verve! the insanely healthy energy drink & shot experiencing massive growth thru the exploding current #YPR Movement occurring within Vemma & its Brand Partners. One of Vemma’s Brand Partners, Rich Erd ¦ is extremely proud to announce his recent sponsorship of reigning WBA welterweight champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout & what he refers to as “fists of faith” for @NoDoubtTrout during his fight on December 1st at Madison Square Garden @MSGsportsNYC with Miguel Cotto @RealMiguelCotto , the former Four-Time, Three-Division World Champion. Boxing fans were already in frenzy for this long awaited duel between the-best-of-the-best from the past, right now, and the brighter future that only only awaits! #NoDoubt

The match was broadcast live on Showtime @ShoSports Cable 9pm EST. The fight promised to be a showstopper & Trout succeeded in defeating Cotto, the popular seasoned veteran. In fact, Trout was so successful in landing with faith, this fight was truly a unanimous one for the boxing historians to have witnessed the paradigm shift of God's faithful follower being rewarded with the following of respect from those "expert predictors" that weren't aware that the champ made certain to prep to perfection w/ #SaturdayMorningCartoons! löl Rich Erd’s @VerveEnergyShot brand will feel very honored to have been offered a chance to partner up w/ the champ by Michael G Harbut @Bottom2thatop early this past Sunday morning, to sponsor the up-and-coming faithful fighter in his quest for recognition, which he's destined for simply by FULLY GIVING ALL GLORY TO GOD THRU JESUS CHRIST! #nods AMEN!

Verve Energy Shots have become known as “the insanely healthy” alternative for those individuals who want to boost their nutrition while improving their energy levels in a quick, safe, easily portable manner w/ trumping its competition by inheriting its superior tropical taste, but let's wait on you to either nod, smile, exclaim or ALL AT ONCE PROCLAIM NEVER EVER AGAIN FEELING ASHAMED! These beverages come in three forms: regular energy drink, zero sugar energy drink, and low carb energy shot. Each of these beverages provide complete nutrition and reliable natural energy supplementation for people of all ages who are on the go and want to ensure that their quick “pick me up” is as good for them as it is energizing. Depending on the formulation, a single-serving size for these beverages range from 2 oz. single-serving shots to 8.3 oz. drinks.

Each shot provides  the Vemma’s clinically tested, patented Vemma formula which contains the 12 full-spectrum of vitamins, more than 65 plant-sourced life minerals in ionic-form instantly absorbed by the body, mangosteen, which is the queen of super fruits, organically grown aloe-vera, green tea and extracts from coffee beans, and much more to help fortify one’s nutrition while providing a much needed boost of energy at any time of the day or night. With the company’s commitment to using natural sources to boost nutrition and energy in order to help individuals improve their health, it is easy to see why Rich Erd’s @VerveEnergyShot brand was a natural choice to be asked in joining Trout’s sponsors and supporters in this thrilling, high-energy event on a Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in the City of BIG Dreams! (y)

The Cotto-Trout match-up was the main feature of Showtime’s tripleheader this Saturday night.

To discover more about the brand that successfully plugged itself in with sponsoring the winner Austin “No Doubt” Trout & his mission to become recognized & then giving ALL GLORY TO GOD THRU JESUS CHRIST for being blessed w/ his hard work, skills and determination to fulfill His destiny on this historic Saturday night, so you can GO visit @VerveEnergyShot’s CALL TO ACTION  w/ THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! #TRUST the BEST #teammate! (y) via @Bottom2thatop

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Verve Energy Shots & Drinks are a series of three beverages ALL containing 2oz of Vemma formula that provide total liquid nutrition and a quick boost to energy using the clinically tested, patented Vemma Formula from the Vemma Company. The goal of @Vemma and their delivery system of Verve Energy Shots is to provide a healthy, convenient and safe alternative to other energy shots and pick-me-ups. The company was founded in 2004 by CEO Bk Boreyko @bkboreyko. Bk’s personal and corporate mission is to continue improving the lives of others through high-quality nutrition, charitable community involvement, and rewarding his Vemma TEAM of Brand Partners for sharing this opportunity in “People Helping People!”

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