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VESBOLT Announces High Frequency Trading Hedge Fund Performance for December 2015


Tortola, British Virgin Islands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- VESBOLT has announced December 2015 performance data for their newly launched high frequency trading hedge funds, as well as a strategic shift in their upper levels and a new hire.

The company, which was established in 2014, offers a comprehensive and powerful system that efficiently infuses technology and leading-edge trading knowledge and experience.

According to VESBOLT, their investment advisor, A&M Trading Capital AG, generated 8.68% profits on VESBOLT Hedge Fund in December 2015. The fund launched in November 2015 and has gained 9.38% in less than two months of trading. Unit prices have increased from 1,000.00 to 1,053.487 since launch. By combining the knowledge of their multi-disciplinary teams and leading-edge technological platform, VESBOLT looks forward to thriving throughout the New Year.

VESBOLT has also announced a shift that is expected to produce exciting results in 2016 and beyond. Markus Menzl, Head of Trading, exited VESBOLT and A&M Trading Capital AG at the end of 2015, and Adrian Spörri, Chief Investment Officer of VESBOLT and CEO of A&M Trading Capital AG, will directly lead the trading team.

The company has also announced a new team member. In January 2016, Valentin Schüssler joined VESBOLT and A&M Trading Capital AG as a portfolio manager. He offers a background that includes foreign exchange and precious metals trading for the Swiss branch of Gelbergroup.

VESBOLT looks forward to helping each of its clients navigate through successful hedge fund trading strategies for maximum results in 2016.

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VESBOLT LTD. is a hedge funds group that thrives upon the highest levels of high frequency trading. VESBOLT is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of British Virgin Islands. A&M Trading Capital AG (investment advisor) is also authorized and regulated in Switzerland by the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), supervised under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). VESBOLT invest mainly in high-quality, short-term foreign exchange and money market instruments and currency forward contracts denominated in G10 currencies. VESBOLT offerings HFT investment opportunity through private fund. The firm offers a trading floor in Zürich, Switzerland. The VESBOLT investment fund falls under the custodianship of UBS, Switzerland.

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