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Watton, Norfolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- Statistics reveal 47 percent of employers have, at some point, unknowingly hired personnel with a criminal history. Such instances may, and often have, led to thousands of dollars in stolen property and embezzled funds as well as injury to, or death of, other staff members. Ranging from white collar theft to drug charges and violent offenses, common background checks do not provide adequate in depth screening to uncover all prior criminal activity. In order to help prevent such occurrences, Vet Your Staff Ltd has launched efforts to provide employers with the most affordable and extensive vetting and background screening services currently available.

John Adamson of Vet Your Staff Ltd confirmed, "Filling positions within a company with the foremost job candidates is vital to the growth and success of any business. Bringing new employees into a company without proper background checking and vetting can be a costly and dangerous error. By providing these services to our members, we afford them the ability to recruit and train new employees they can place their trust in. A successful business must be based on confidence, and every company deserves to be protected against fraud and foul play. These factors can only come from the assurance they have hired personnel with no history of relevant criminal activity. Our pre-employment screening, background checks and vetting services allow them to do just that."

Adamson continued, "Each member of our staff is a British Standard 7858 certified, professional screening expert. They have been fully trained in obtaining criminal record checks and Criminal Record Bureau disclosures. We work in affiliation with various industry sectors, cooperating with their vetting processes to ensure our members are in complete compliance with the regulations pertaining to their fields. Our services cover the requirements of many sectors including education and FSA compliance checks, tenant vetting and care home checks and a number of other industries. We realize our clients have varying requirements, depending on the nature of the business they operate and the type of positions they are looking to fill, so we offer flexible services to meet the needs of our members."

"All applications can be filled out online through our website,," explained Adamson, "Either by our members or their candidates. In addition to providing the most thorough screening processes available, our methods render 40 percent faster turnarounds than our competitors. We take pride in our ability to offer our services at a savings of at least 33 percent over other companies claiming to offer comparable benefits. Potential clients are encouraged to visit with any questions or to obtain membership."

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By providing the most extensive vetting and background checks more rapidly and at a lower cost than any of their competitors, Vet Your Staff Ltd has surfaced as the world's leading Pre Employment Screening Compliance Company.