Veteran Contractor Launches Site on Pressure Washer Reviews

Pressure Washer Reviews is an honest, upfront review site dedicated to people looking on purchasing a pressure washer for work or home use. Site owner Adam Allen has over 30 years experience in the construction field and has owned and used hundreds of pressure washers over this time.


Munroe Falls, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2013 -- One of the things Adam Allen knows is his tools, especially tools that are used by construction contractors. Working as a foreman for the last 10 years of a 15 man construction crew, Allen knows his way with almost any tool imaginable. One of the things that he uses on a regular basis and swears by is different powered pressure washers. With thing in mind, Allen created a list of his favorites for others who are shopping title pressure washer reviews.

While many other sites try to promote and sell power washers, Allen’s site is built for the consumer who is looking for an honest to goodness review on some of the top pressure washers on the market. With an awesome interactive comparison chart and several in-depth articles, Allen’s site covers everything from the most basic home models to the best commercial pressure washers on the market.

One of the things that users have raved about was the “real life” reviews that they get from Allen over the sales pitches that they get from some other review sites around. Allen likes to keep things simple and honest, just like his business.

After a summer of writing articles, Allen’s site is starting to gain some attention among homeowners and contractors looking for power washers. As Pressure Washer Reviews continues to grow in 2013, so does the traffic of the site.

As the site grows, so does the database of pressure washers that are being reviewed by Allen and other experienced users of these machines. With a high percentage of return users and new users on a daily basis, this site is just starting to hit its stride.

If you are interested in getting a honest pressure washer review, Please visit the Digital Piano Reviews Site at

Adam Allen
Munroe Falls, OH