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Isha Institute of Inner Sciences in McMinnville ,Tennessee Is Offering Veteran Discounts for Inner Engineering (IE) -Technologies for Well-Being

Scholarship Program for Veterans Makes Inner Engineering More Accessible to In-Need Population


McMinnville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Isha Institute is proud to announce a special discount program (exclusively for veterans) for its live yoga and meditation course(IE). This scholarship for learning yoga and meditation from Isha is over 40% off the full price.

So often in society, those who are in greatest need of assistance are also those who are least able to receive it. Or, those who need an uplifting support hesitate or stop themselves from receiving the essential help that could create a significant difference in their lives.

All of this applies too commonly with many returning veterans, who struggle to adjust to their lives and a "normal" routine after a tour overseas. Making matters worse, many cannot quickly find suitable employment, adding stress and financial difficulty to the equation.

That's why Isha Institute is offering this great discount program for Inner Engineering, exclusively for veterans. Typically available for a regular fee of $285, veterans can now access the entire Inner Engineering live program for only $165. Additional scholarships may also be available for veterans in need.

The Inner Engineering program takes practitioners on a journey towards fulfillment, personal growth and greater self-understanding. Participants will also learn Shambhavi Mahamudra, an empowering technique that uses one’s own energy to enhance health and overall quality of life. This inner technology, offered in a manner that appeals to the modern mind, has immeasurable transformative power and now practiced by millions worldwide.

A survey of Inner Engineering participants found that 91% enjoyed a deeper sense of inner peace, 87% reduced depression and its symptoms, and 74% increased their self-confidence. These are many of the areas in which returning veterans need the most assistance with, yet unfortunately, existing programs are either inadequate or inaccessible.

It is not so hard to get these amazing results! They can be unlocked by any individual who commits himself or herself to Inner Engineering. For more information about the benefits of Inner Engineering, click here.

Veterans looking to eliminate stress, anxiety, insomnia, improve relationships, reduce depression, and achieve inner peace, greater relaxation and a sense of fulfillment and wholesomeness are all encouraged to visit, or call 678-390-ISHA (4742) to take advantage of this special scholarship opportunity.

Hurry, as seats are limited!

About Inner Engineering
Inner Engineering is designed to create a sustainable transformation that deepens your perception of the very way you look at your life, your work, and the world you inhabit. Regular practice can not only improve health and wellbeing, but can also bring the necessary balance within oneself to experience raised levels of energy, which in turn results in significantly higher quality of life. Sadhguru’s scientific and logical methods have deeply touched many from all walks of life, inspiring innumerable people to seek this opportunity.

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In addition to the veteran's discount for the full Inner Engineering seven-course program, veterans may also be interested in utilizing the Isha Kriya, a free online yoga and meditation video which can be practiced in just minutes a day. Please visit to learn more about Isha Kriya and to participate in a free guided meditation.