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Veteran Software Developing Company Releases Biggest Inventory Control Program Update

iMagic Software continues their dedication to improving the use of their business software suites to achieve better leverage against competition regardless of stature.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- iMagic Inventory Software opens August with a big version update called 4.48. It contains numerous changes in various areas within navigational reach in the software such as invoicing and inventory tracking. “It has been customary for the company to always heed advice from our business partners and user community for refinement of our software products,” says Jon Walker, head of IT. This current patch has an unprecedented number of suggestions being fulfilled with four different customers cited.

What's New in 4.48?

Being the largest release to date, there is no central theme that binds all the updates.

For example, reporting capabilities have now been modified by improving performance of certain components and functions such as price list, reorder report, total profit, and stock on hand among others.

A suggestion from Mark of SWR Parts [iMagic's payment security partner] moved to fruition, the multiple reordering function is now enabled to lessen hassle in an expanding customer base through vendor reordering system. On the other hand WK Book, a customer, inspired the new invoice search function in quote combinations.

Third suggestion came from Brougos, another customer who wanted a better functioning containing folder for all invoices to keep them intact and more organized.

Last suggestion included, came from Bruce from Outdoorking. He specified the need for new vendor item function to allow tracking of vendor's code per item which is now also capable of being imported into other resources.

Database has also been updated in this version. Every new installs from this point forward will have an automatic install into My Documents to help avoid any compatibility issues and give way for back-up potential. Other notable fixes include: preferred vendor tracking with new low stock reordering system, extended capacity for main inventory list, manual item reordering, custom export and inventory import options are now accepting new vendor plus purchasing information and ability to delete existing vendors.

There are more version updates planned to be released before this month ends.

Growing User-base

With iMagic software's dedication to improving their inventory software capabilities each month, their user-base is on an exponential rise.

Norman McCreary from Mississippi has this to share: “Just an FYI, we absolutely love this system. Very user friendly and easy. This was the best decision, for an Inventory system, we have made.” Other familiar companies known to have used their software include the Department of Education, The Growers Exchange, Thomas Hassal Anglican College, Witzenman and WearForce among many others.

About iMagic Software
For almost three decades, iMagicSoft has provided the world with secure online software management tools such as this inventory control software geared mostly at small business entrepreneurs. Their passion is to build for smaller companies so they can level the playing field against established names in their respective niches without forking out a lot of money in highly expensive e-tools. They are also deeply committed to listening to every suggestion and comment they receive from their own community of users which help their IT and development team produce regular and free updates to current software users.


Jon Walker
New York, NY, USA