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Veterinarians Strongly Urge Dog Owners to Have Their Pets Checked to Prevent Hip and Joint Injury


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- Orlando, Florida – For many pet owners, dogs are one of the family members. However, when they are not trained and reared properly they may have certain behavioral problems. Consequently, if their diet is not checked from time to time, they might develop certain health problems. One such complication that dogs usually without proper diet is the constant wear and tear of their joints, which could lead to pain and discomfort later on.

Pet experts and veterinarians worldwide strongly urge having regular check-ups in order to prevent injury, and possibly immobility, for many dogs. A dog’s unhealthy joint could negatively affect their overall health. Dogs oftentimes may not show signs that they are in much discomfort and pain, and this can go unnoticed by pet owners. This further validates why you should regularly have your four-legged friend evaluated.

In addition to having regular check-ups, veterinarians also recommend providing health supplements that will make their joints stronger, therefore preventing injuries later in life. One such supplement is Choice Nutrition Supplements Advanced Hip and Joint Formula . It has been proven to help maintain the optimal function of hips and joints for any sized dog, preventing further damage to joints while also promoting flexibility. More importantly, it will also alleviate the discomfort that dogs experience whenever they suffer a joint injury.

“My dog loves this product. He thinks it's a treat! I have tried other products similar to this but he would not eat them. I would have to hide them in other foods. He loves this one! I can just give them right to him. Unfortunately, he was not blessed in the joint department and has already had 2 knee replacements, so he really needs this supplement. It's wonderful to have finally found one he will take without all the hassle! Thank you!” – SPaul, Advanced Hip and Joint Formula customer on Amazon

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