Viber for PC Expands to Cover Multiple Apps and Changes Domain Name

The video tutorial website Viber for PC known as the pioneer of video tutorials for porting mobile phone apps to personal computers has changed its domain name as part of the expansion strategy. The new name App for PCs will produce tutorials on more than a single app.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- As a major expansion stint, the popular video tutorial website named Viber for PC has changed its name to App for PCs, to reflect the theme of the website which has grown beyond the single Viber app. The new website App for PCs can be found at the new domain . "We have been serving a lot of users with their need to port Viber phone app on PC and it was time we started helping our users with other apps as well. This strategic move is the result of expansion plan to grow from a website dedicated to only one application to a website that provides tutorials on all of the famous applications for mobile phones. " Says the founder Mukesh Agarwal.

After the move the website has already published tutorials on newer applications such as how to port temple run for PC. They have also started looking at other platforms for computers such as Viber for PC using Windows 8 and Viber for Mac OSX compared to the sole tutorials on Windows XP and Windows 7 earlier. "When we look at the technological profiles of our visitors, we see that a lot of them are visiting our website using Safari browser, which means that a significant amount of our users also own Mac computers and we just could not ignore them. Therefore, we have extended our methods to Mac OSX as well." justified Mukesh Agarwal. The old domain name is still active but it redirects the users to the new domain without any hiccups, which means there is nothing on users parts other then updating their bookmarks. Moreover, the readers will be directed to the exact same page on the new domain and hence most of the readers will not even notice the change as the aesthetically the website looks the same, other than the domain name and hence the title on top. You can visit the new website directly at

About App for PCs
App for PCs is a source of video tutorials on how to get Mobile phone apps running on personal computers. App for PC was started as a source to provide tutorials around Viber app but it has grown to cover games as well as various other operating systems.

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