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Vibrance Vitamins - Hair Growth Capsules Receive Positive Reviews from Leading Physicians


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- The latest in hair growth technology is the natural herbal extract called Vibrance Vitamins. Much buzz has been created with this drug free vitamin capsules for its side effect free advantage. Not long after the capsules were sold in the market, the internet virtually flooded with rave reviews from customers who have reaped its benefits.

This product has been widely accepted in all the countries where it was released. These vitamins for hair growth are purely vegetarian and promotes faster hair growth which tends to be healthier than it originally was. As a matter of fact, an extensive review of the reviews posted by the customers have revealed that a good number of people used it because they loved how glossy the capsules made their hair. Although the Company has not officially recommended it, customers who do not need hair growth aid uses it for it makes the hair healthy.

These vitamins for hair growth gives extra strength to the hair making it less susceptible to hair damage. The formula to give the extra strength includes 37 Vitamins and OptiMSM, nutritional herbs for strengthening the hair and Natural minerals. Recently an experiment has been conducted on volunteering adults. Half of the individuals were given the Vibrance Vitamin capsules while the other half were not given any but a proper diet. Within a week, positive results started to show on the people who used the vitamin capsules as opposed to the others who only followed a healthy diet.

The few who decided to take the vitamins on their own accord reported that they got back 90 per cent of the hair they lost within a matter of just 3 months. Recovering all hair growth potential within just a few months is fast. It also repairs the damage permanently and protects the hair from further damage. For more information please go to

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