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Vicious Rumours That Exporters of Used Car Parts Supply Terrorists


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- A few months ago I read an article from a reputable organization in the automotive parts industry within Australia that I prefer not to mention: I was very surprised that the author had made allegations that people that export used car parts are supplying ‘terrorists’.

‘Please explain’ was my first thought, this is very serious but at the same time completely insane.

I am not sure if anyone is aware, however under the Terrorist Act in Australia anyone that knowingly or unknowingly supplies any form of assistance directly or indirectly to a terrorist group or individual can be arrested. (Part of the Act is quite scary with what you can be locked up for, makes for a good read though.)

First this is utter nonsense; secondly the article did not have a single person interviewed that directly was involved in exporting used car parts themselves. The only Companies that were interviewed were local sellers that envy the ability of most exporters to purchase a quantity of goods (cars) at slightly higher prices due to having a far greater reach on the world market as opposed to just being able to sell to Australians only.

In general a good journalist will review all sources and back their opinions; this was definitely not the case.

This issue originally was raised by the journalist due to the high prices that old cars and damaged cars were selling for at Auction’s across Australia. The Companies interviewed were only providers of used car parts to the local Australian market and had no experience or knowledge of the foreign markets. Basically they had a case of sour grapes as they had not changed with the times and an easy way to try and stop their opposition was by using the word terrorists. (Sorry I am being a little unbiased here now, I'm almost at the same level as per the original author of the article which was quite one sided.)

An easy solution if the above were true would be to regulate the Car Auction’s to be only able to service registered LMCT (Licensed motor car traders) this would ensure only licensed cash for cars, car removal or parts sellers could buy cars at auction as it happens in Europe and Asia; but this would never happen as the insurance companies behind the Car Auctions would lose valuable revenue.

Presently legitimate exporters are recording details of everything that is shipped overseas to be reused or broken down as scrap metal. There may be very small instances of people doing the wrong thing as is the case in most industries; however to come out and attack car part exporters on the whole that are just making a living is completely unprofessional and obviously very biased. Good media does not take sides; it should form an unbiased view with both parties having an equal and fair opportunity to put their opinions or facts across.

By Alexander Tijan

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Cash for Cars Removal is predominantly a ‘cash for cars’ and ‘car removal’ service across ‘Melbourne’ that exports to Africa and Asia for car parts reuse and also exports scrap metal to metal refineries in Asia. We are fortunate enough to not rely on the Car Auctions as many other companies do; this is due to us having good relations with many Car Dealerships or Towing companies and the public that supply direct to us.

Our Parent Company Toyrolla Spares however specialises strictly in servicing the Local Australia market with ‘used Toyota parts’ and some new parts as well. It is because that overall we deal within the local market and foreign market that we have a fair view on local and international matters and an exceptional knowledge on what goes on within the industry; unlike some other companies that have their own personal agendas.

Toyrolla Spares which is Cash for Cars Removal‘s parent company, has another company in Malaysia which is servicing the local Malaysian market for all model car parts not just Toyota parts. The Malaysian company name is Toyrolla Spares Auto Parts SDN BHD. Setting up a used car Parts Company in a foreign country has not been achieved by any other cash for cars, car removal, or Parts Company in Melbourne or Australia for that matter. We are proud of our achievement and especially ensure that we do everything above board.

Our extensive experience in the automotive industry locally and internationally definitely places us at the pinnacle of our industry, that is why our opinion on any auto parts, cash for cars or car removal related topic should hold good stead in the wider community and not be ignored. If anyone wishes to challenge the issue, please come up with facts as to why everyone in the industry is a criminal and please be prepared to share your source.

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