Victims of Accidents, Medical Malpractice, and More Find Hope with Can Save the Day for Injured Persons Entangled in Legal Proceedings With a Better Approach to Loans


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2016 -- While experiencing an accident can be highly traumatic in and of itself, the aftermath of legal proceedings, inability to do work, and psychological effects can sometimes amount to even greater distress for the victim. As many have all too painfully become aware of, not being at fault for one's own injuries or involvement in an accident doesn't mean there won't be financial hardships to face. From personal bills to covering medical expenses to hiring a lawyer, costs can add up extremely fast and many individuals find themselves in extremely dire and stressful circumstances. Fortunately with, there is hope.

While many victims opt for a personal loan as they believe it is the only choice available to them, an accident loan is a far better way to go. A personal loan from a traditional lending institution assesses how much collateral the victim has that the institute could repossess and sell and gives the borrower a loan worth something less than that amount. If the borrower cannot pay back the loan the institute seizes their property and sells it in order to get their money back. On top of all this, if the individual cannot pay the loan back, the lender assesses interest on top of the payment amount in order to make additional money during repayment. While this is hard to swallow, many people take this route because they feel that there are simply no other options. An accident loan from is the answer.

Accident loans from involve a simple application process and a quick approval that will get victims the cash they need right away to cover all of the expenses that are piling up while they're waiting for their settlement to come through. only charges a small amount of interest on the amount they borrow and collect from the settlement once the borrower has received it. This means that victims of accidents do not have to worry about payments up until the settlement goes through. Best of all, if the borrower doesn't win their lawsuit, they are not responsible for paying back

"Victims of accident that are not even their fault to begin with have been injured enough," shared Founder Kamran Abdo. "It's time to have someone in their corner for a change and we hope that can be us."

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About helps victims of accidents face the financial hardships that come with the tidal wave of medical expenses, personal bills, lawyer fees and other burdens that are a result of being involved in an accident that one is not even responsible for themselves. Specializing in pre-settlement cash advances, gives accident victims before settling their case or going to court. They get paid when the case is settled with simple interest – one of the lowest in the country. Unlike other lending companies, does not compound interest. Instead, they use a specialized interest formula wherein interest is compounded once a year instead of weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly. Their rates are one of the lowest on the market and if the borrower doesn't win their case – they don't pay back. A leader in the industry, prides itself on honest, quick, and helpful service.