Victor Gulley and Team Seek Funding via Rocket Hub for 'A Taste of Theater Festival 2014 Featuring Shelly Garrett'

Running show business is a tough race to run. A Taste of Theater Festival 2014 exposes, educates, and entertains a diverse audience of professional, intermediate, and novice playwrights, thespians, and staff members.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- A Taste of Theater provides a stage for playwrights to confirm their art. Just like movie previews or trailers provide the public with insight about the movie they intend to see, A Taste of Theatre does the same thing for live theater allowing playwrights to give people “Taste” of their play. In addition, they provide a space where high school students can get exposure to the world of theatre or performing arts. A Taste of Theater will sponsor Gary Indiana high school students with most of the funds they raise from this campaign.

The event will be hosted by Comedian Impersonator Reggie Reg. Theater goers will watch one scene of six different plays on Friday and Saturday. The first showcase starts at 6:30pm. Each playwright will introduce their production with:

- Why they wrote the play -
- Why the story is important -
- What they want the audience to walk away with.

The showcase performance will follow the playwright’s introduction. After the showcase, the audience will provide feedback about the play by using an app. The playwright with the most positive feedback or votes will receive the following:

- 3rd place winner will receive a certificate to attend Shelly Garrett’s workshop in March 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. -
- 2nd Place winner will receive a certificate to attend Lizz Goins Turner's Playwrights Award Gala in 2015.
- 1st Place winner will receive the Prestigious Shelly Garrett Award and will have their entire play broadcasted on All Nations TV and KCEW in Dallas, Texas.

All funds raised will pay for the venue at Carver Military Academy, salary for staff of 17, awards, TV and radio advertising, embroidered shirts, app for voting, print media, and to sponsor the Gary High School Students to come to the event to gain knowledge about the theatre.

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