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Victoria Plastic Surgery Center Offers Facial Rejuvenation for Working Women

Youthful appearance in the workplace equals jobs and promotions


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- More working women have come to view cosmetic surgery as a necessity if they're to maintain their positions in a male dominated corporate society. Where cosmetic surgery was once viewed as necessary only in the film industry, today more women elect to go beneath a plastic surgeon's knife in an effort to lose no ground to younger or more attractive competitors. Victoria Plastic Surgery Center recognizes this trend by working women to seek aesthetic procedures in order to maintain the perception of youth and vigor within their respective career fields. For this reason, they announced recently their intention to place special emphasis on facial rejuvenation procedures in order to help professional people compete most efficiently in the workplace.

According to the Victoria Plastic Surgery Center media liaison, "There appears to be an increasing sense in the corporate world that a woman, in order to stay competitive for job opportunities and promotions, must communicate a sense of vitality, purpose and energy. If a woman's face seems tired, aged or careworn, she is likely to be passed over for projects and promotions regardless of her performance. In order to bring their outer appearance more in keeping with how they feel internally, women are turning to cosmetic surgery to give them a more rested and refreshed appearance." This represents a deviation from the expectations of patients a couple of decades ago. "Then, a majority of women seeking elective surgery were hoping to enhance their attractiveness to members of the opposite sex, to increase their sex appeal. Today women aren't so much about trying to gain anything as they are trying not to lose anything. Victoria Plastic Surgery Center offers a wide range of procedures, surgical and otherwise that can help these women stave off the effects of aging and look substantially more youthful."

Interestingly enough, it isn't just women who are seeking to look younger in order to retain their competitive edge in the workplace - men are increasingly making discreet appointments with a Plastic Surgeon in Northern VA to get subtle procedures performed for the purpose of gaining the same advantages as their female counterparts. It gives them an edge, and that edge is often what makes all the difference when climbing a corporate ladder. In the last few decades, cosmetic surgery has gone from the fringe of medicine and society to enjoying a solid standing right in the middle of both.

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